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Does Body Need Detoxification

does-body-need-detoxificationWe are now living in environments where toxin absorption is part of daily life.  The body creates its own natural toxins, which include adrenaline and waste from cells. Also, the body has a fantastic system that is equipped to remove these toxins.

This includes the lymphatic system, the digestive system, urinary tract, respiratory system and skin among others.

However not only does the body have to cope with its own waste, we are also exposed to harmful man made toxins on a daily basis.  We can categorise these in to obvious and hidden toxins.  Obvious toxins such as cigarettes and alcohol.are the ones that most of us try to avoid or limit.

Hidden toxins, are quite often the ones that most people overlook.  They can be non-organic meats that contain growth hormones and  low fat and virtually fat free foods, where the hydrogenated fats can be very toxic. These have the potential to clog arteries more easily than even cholesterol. Furthermore, preservatives, additives, pollution in the environment, medication, all of these bombard the body on a daily basis.

Are you aware that there are over two million toxins in the world that we can be exposed to, and with modern technology the list is growing.

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How Do You Know You Need Detox

Well some of the obvious symptoms can be cellulite, fluid retention and digestive problems such as constipation or even Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  But less obvious symptoms can be lethargy, breakouts on body or face, allergies and headaches.

Toxins can be stored in the body for quite some time, and eventually the symptoms start to appear.  Did you know that it could take up to seven years for cellulite to form and be visible? Toxins can also stiffen the joints and muscle fibres, lower the immune system, reduce blood circulation and increase weight gain.

When the body is exposed to toxins it will absorb them either through the air that we breathe, food and water that we ingest, or chemicals that pass through the skin. Normally the body will decide what system it will be dealt with and then it is eventually excreted out.  Usually this is between and within a number of minutes to up to 24 hours.

However, man-made toxins attack the body continually and this is how the body becomes overloaded.  When this happens the body is not able to deal with these toxins straight away and it will store these poisons to deal with later.  The most common areas of storage are in the subcutaneous layer, where the body also stores excess energy.  Or in the digestive tract, where the body may hold fecal matter, that has not been eliminated promptly.

Water and Exercise for Detox

Body detoxification could not be performed wothout water and exercise. Drinking proper amount of water and exercising regularly are important to stimulate blood circulation. Blood contains nutrients, which feed and oxygenate cells; it also increases the lymphatic flow. Your lymph system could be compared to a waste disposal unit that runs throughout the body.

Lymphatic system fights infections and removes waste from around the body.  Everyone is aware that the correct type of exercise can keep the heart healthy, burn fat and promote body cleanse.

Human beings body is made up of approximately 70% water. Drinking water is vital to regulate heat, support organs, metabolize nutrients and it also helps increase metabolism. Additionally, drinking water plays the most important role for flushing waste from the system.

However drinking water and exercising, although important, do not provide a cure on their own for dealing with toxins.  To cleanse the system the third element must be introduced.  This is body detoxification.  There are a lot of different types of detox available to choose from, so it is important to get it right, and ensure you are working down to where the toxins are stored.

Research in the last 25 years has proven Acai Berry to be one of the most powerful cleansing agents to all systems in the human body.  It has an ability to repair tissue, detoxify the system and be a high source of nutrients for the body.

The benefits of cleansing your system and getting it right can reduce and prevent concerns such as aches and pains, weight management, lethargy, firming, cellulite and digestive problems. Body detoxification can also lead you to a healthier, longer life!

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