How to Detox for Weight Loss

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Tuesday, 28 June 2011 03:25

woman-holding-blueberries-for-detoxI've got a lot of times in my practice people asking me how to detox for weight loss. Losing weight by detoxification is an issue which many of these people don’t consider so important as nutrition and exercise.

There are couples of common steps weight watchers are talking about but I don’t stumble upon detoxification very often. Weight watchers are focusing mainly over different diets, counting calories or exercising.

What do you eat and how you eat is vital for your weight loss success. There is no doubt that you will need to be smart about this. There is a big difference between low calorie diet and healthy diet.

Low calorie diet is if you choose to cut fats and carbs and eat below daily calorie needs.

Healthy diet is if you have balanced meals. They include all building blocks for the humans' body and proper metabolism. These meals don't contain ingredients that block your filtering system and help you absorb nutrients and remove toxins naturally.

Another thing is what you drink and how much do you drink. Some of you believe that it’s harmless if you have diet soda or anything with this label. All these diet pops contain enormous amount of toxic chemicals. Certainly, you should go for liquids which might have some calories in but no toxins.

Water is the one to choose mainly. It doesn’t have anything within which makes you gain weight and it’s pretty much non-toxic. Now you will ask me what do I mean?! If the water is flavored or in a plastic container then it’s somehow toxic.

Exercise is great but don’t overdo it.  There are hormones released while in intensive training which is toxic.  These hormones are cortisol and adrenalin. Too much of both of them causes toxicity. Don’t forget about lactic acid – another substance produced by your body when you exercise or when you have stressful lifestyle.

Where do we get toxins from?

All these toxins which we eat, drink, inhale, apply on the skin or produced toxic waste by our own body are affecting any weight loss program in a negative way.

How toxins affect your weight loss?

Your liver is the major filter insight your body. Every single thing which we eat drink or inhale goes through the liver. It has over 500 different functions and one of them is to break fat. Fat cells are storage of energy.

It takes longer for our liver to process non-organic toxins. Sometimes takes over year to get rid of them.  So if this organ is overloaded it doesn’t work properly.  Your body starts backing up everything which supposes to be flashed out.  The safest ever place for our body to store these toxins is into and around the fat cells. Therefore it’s very difficult for congested body to reach those fat cells or recognize them in order to get some energy out.

When you exercise your body begins breaking down only healthy fat cells. If there are not healthy enough it breaks the muscles. That’s why you can see many people in the gym running every single day on the treadmill but still with belly fat.

There are many ways to detox. Some of them are very invasive. I was digging for healthy products and found out that Acai Berry detox pills are among the safest and most effective body deoxification products available. What I like about Acai Berry is the combination of detox and weight loss benefits.

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