Tips on Detoxing

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Top Ten Tips - Absolute Essentials Whilst Detoxing

  • detox-foodsDrink water (it should be at least room temperature or higher) / herbal teas such as green Tava Tea.
  • Dry skin brush. Use natural body brush, preferably made from cactus bristles.
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables of your choice. You should consume fruits minimum one hour before or after your main meal.
  • Support the liver with fresh lemon/milk thistle. There is nothing better than the antioxidant power of lemon and milk from flowering plants.
  • Keep your body warm – helps your body releasing toxins better throughout your skin.
  • Rest when you can if you need to. Resting your body assists in detoxification and cellular renewal.
  • Eat foods as close to their natural state as possible. Cooking the food destroys its nutritional value. We are using unnecessary amount of salt, oil or sugar whilst preparing our meal which spoils vital nutrients.
  • Avoid foods that create congestion throughout the intestine an colon
  • Supplement the Body Enhancement Capsule’s with vitamin C, antioxidants and organic cold pressed oils/milled flaxseed will support the process
  • Incorporate additional fiber such as whole grain rice and pasta, porridge and millet

Find more tips at How to Detox My Body article.

Foods for Detox and Weight Loss

Fruits such as Acai Berry, strawberries, kiwi and Raspberry Ketone from raspberries (limit bananas)

Vegetables such as tomatoes (moderate potatoes)

Pumpkin, sunflower, sesame seeds

Herbs/spices such as garlic, ginger and tumeric

Herbal teas and water


Vegetable/lentil soup

Millet grain, whole grain rice

Avocado, seeds, olive oil and raw nuts

Rice/almond milk

Salads with no dressing

Soluble and nonsoluble fiber from ground flax seeds

These foods and drinks have the highest capacity to control oxidation, lower LDL cholesterol and prevent heart diseases. All of them are very nutritious (apart from water and tea). They may prevent cancer formation and improve digestion along with removing harmful toxins.

What Foods to Avoid While Detoxing

The following foods create congestion and toxic build up.

Red meat

Processed white rice, pasta and bread

Sugar (cakes, sweets, deserts)

Tinned foods

Ready made meals

Eggs, milk and its products and gluten from peanuts and wheat

Alcohol, fruit juice and soft drinks

Additives, artificial colorings and preservatives

Refined oils such as corn and canola oils

One more tip on detoxing: Avoid frying and broiling foods that contain creatinine. They are acidic and may trigger bad diseases. Creatinine is final product from breaking down creatine from the muscles that is usually eliminated through the kidneys. Among these foods are meats and fish. In general, frying is not recommended for any type of program ecpecially for detoxing.

Living in the century of the chemistry doesn’t give us a lot of choices how to detox our body naturally. If we think about the changes in our cuisine, the food we eat, the pollution and just all these chemicals and toxins which we deal with on a daily basis…it’s scary.

We can’t fix the pollution on the planet but what we can do is to start from ourselves.

Body detoxification products such as DetoxPlus colon cleanse system combined with rich in antioxidants supplements such as Acai Berry and Herbal Tea Tava could give you clear answer of the question why detox. These powerful dietary antioxidants will supply your body with continuous flow of cell regeneration, vital energy and faster metabolism.

1. Sugar (cakes, sweets, deserts)

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