Diets for Women Over 40

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Tuesday, 11 October 2011 18:36

There are many diets for women over 40 promising diets-for-women-over-40to help us lose weight and you might wondering if there any difference between being on diet when you are over 40 versus someone who is younger.

Definitely your body has changed and you will need to consider some different approach while dieting. I don’t support so much the term diet but this is the most common word used for nutritional issues that’s why I’ll use it as well.

So what are the differences which women over 40 should know about? And what are the alternatives which could help you lose some body fat successfully?

I’ll go through the main differences so you can benefit and get to the perfect shape.

Calorie Intake for Women Over 40

As we age our body metabolism naturally slows down. The reason for this fact is that you are not so active physically like when you were in your twenties. At this point of life we have more responsibilities and we prioritize other things. So we don’t pay so much attention to our body. As a result you are losing lean muscle tissue.

In our 20’s we just move more. Exercising prevents us from losing muscles and we burn all calories taken throughout the day without decreasing the amount of calories.  That’s why you should reduce your calorie intake. Good start will be to reduce around 10 calories per pound of your body weight.

Nutritional Deficiency for Women Over 40

Nutritional deficiency is very common when we hit 40’s. You need to adjust yourself to have enough amounts of certain micronutrients in your food. To improve bone density make sure you have calcium within your meal. A good source of calcium is Greek yogurt.

Another important mineral for the age of 40 or over 40 is iron. Find iron in spinach, lentils, broccoli and fish.

It will be weird if I don’t mention vitamins B and antioxidants such as vitamin C and A.  Rich resource of antioxidants is green tea but if you are looking for the ultimate health and weight loss benefits the most powerful and easy way to get antioxidants is triple blend herbal slimming tea Tava Tea.

Don’t forget to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet. They will help you prevent yourself from some common diseases. They are rich in fibers and nutrients to assist in your new and safe weight loss plan.

Get More Protein to Burn More Calories

Many women when they got older are not getting enough protein in their diet which leads to muscle loss and slow metabolism. Increasing protein intake in your diet will make a big difference in your health, energy levels and ability to burn more calories.

Taking Greek yogurt, raw almonds and cottage cheese will increase metabolism and supply your body system with valuable nutritious microelements. These foods are rich in protein and calcium to assist you in keeping your metabolism higher long term and again, improve bone density.

Now you have all main tips which are important for any types of diets for women over 40. Making these few additional changes would be very helpful and well worth for achieving better shape and health.

Reference: Easy ways to get more protein in your diet

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