Hormones and Weight Loss in Women Over 40

Written by Veneta   
Friday, 16 September 2011 21:30

hormones_and_weight_loss_in_women_after_40Hormones and weight loss in women over 40 is something which all females are facing in their life. Losing weight over 40 is absolutely possible if you understand the role of the hormones and how do they work. There are many hormones within our body but I would like to give you a glimpse over the major ones which link directly to our appetite, obesity and beauty.

  • Serotonin – Well known hormone as the hormone of happiness. Serotonin is a very complex chemical which decreases appetite and improves sleep and mood. The secretion of Serotonin could be increased by eating papaya and bananas.
  • Progesterone – Elevates during pregnancy and decreases in our 40s. It plays role in skin elasticity, strength, female sexuality, bone density.
  • Estrogen –In postmenopausal women the secondary sources of estrogen are liver, adrenal glands and our breast. Estrogen is being produced by the fat cells also which could lead to overweight problem. Estrogen has varieties of functions but the most important are that decreases bad cholesterol and increases metabolism.
  • Leptin – responsible for raising metabolism and decreasing appetite.
  • Testosterone – It has main role in bone density, strength and growth of muscle mass. Aging decreases testosterone. Good resource of testosterone is Zinc supplementation and of course strength training. Here is a sweet result from a research: Women who are falling in love have higher secretion of Testosterone.
  • Cortisol - There is a definite link between Cortisol levels, appetite and obesity. It’s a necessary hormone but you will need to keep its levels lower. Music, massage, magnesium supplementation and Omega 3 fatty acids can help us reduce the dangerous amount of Cortisol within the body. The greatest secretion of Cortisol is during stress.
  • Insulin – This is the only hormone which regulates carbohydrates and metabolism of the fatty tissue cells by decreasing blood sugar levels within our system. Failing to do so causes health problems such as diabetes and obesity.  Note that keeping the pH level of your blood on its optimum level will help you avoid both diabetes and overweight issues.
Most of the hormones are secreted by the liver so I believe that if you are looking for safe weight loss plan you need to know that a healthy liver will assist you manage your body with success and enjoy being in your perfect weight loss form permanently.

Hormones and weight loss in women over 40 is a matter of good understanding and implementation of balanced nutrition and relevant dietary supplements and positive attitude towards anything in life. Don’t forget the importance of physical activity.

I am so happy of the fact that finally Capsiplex PLUS slimming pills were created. This supplement was designed exactly for us.  Capsiplex PLUS stimulates our body’s production of hormone serotonin which changes completely the previous ideas for weight loss in women after 40s.

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