How Can a Woman Over 40 Lose Weight

Written by Veneta   
Friday, 16 September 2011 00:25

How can a woman over 40 lose weight without losinghow-can-a-woman-over-40-lose-weight her muscles or weakening her body overall is the main question for all of us when we reach this point of life.

When you hit 40s you realize that your body is changing. You don’t want it but the nature is calling you.  It’s not an easy fact to except but the only thing you should do is to prolong the process. What happens is that we lose the amount of estrogen produced within our body. The body starts having this boyish appearance and we are getting different shape.

It’s not only the way we look but the way our system is functioning. Definitely we need to adapt ourselves to the new conditions by watching how everything we do affects our body. Nobody wants to age or being fat that’s why I decided to share my observations upon body weight management for women who are over 40 years old.

Imagine how many responsibilities you have at this phase of your life and all physical changes your body is going through:

  • Stress – Stress causes the increase of secretion of adrenalin, cortisol and lactic acid.  All these bio chemicals play a good role in any weight loss plan. They make us acidic and toxic which affects the liver and slows metabolic rate down. Your response should be the increase of endorphin which will give you stronger immunity and feminine attraction.
  • Busy lifestyle – Working, taking care of the family and the house, all these responsibilities are requiring time which could be invested in ourselves. If you want to lose weight and keep it permanently you will have to devote at least one hour of your day for yourself. One hour is more than nothing especially if you use it every single day. You can do pushups, cardio, and strength training, just about everything you want to keep your body slim and attractive.
  • Less activity – Hitting 40s changes our priorities and we tend to make excuses for not taking care of ourselves. But if you stop feeling sexy your intimate life slows down and makes huge impact over your hormones. Be careful with this issue because it does have a significant role over your metabolic rate therefore about your weight loss success.
  • Hormones – Women in their 40s wanting to lose weight effectively have a major task: To balance the hormones and keep them on their optimum level.
  • Nutrition – When you are 40 years old woman your nutrition should target amino acids from vegetables, minerals for your bone system and vitamins for proper cellular metabolism. You need to make sure that all micronutrients are present in your food. Having a shake with high nutritious value is a must for all those women who are looking for healthy ways to lose weight. It will help you avoiding flabbiness and loss of muscles and bones during your weight loss program.
  • Supplements – Due to the hormonal imbalance which occurs when we are over 40 we might accept the need of dietary supplements. They will help us easier to cope with all these unreasonable mood swings, slow metabolism, weak immune system and loss of zest for life. Taking natural fat burning supplements, appetite suppressants, vitamins and minerals is crucial for keeping such the desirable glow of our skin, energy levels and perfect weight loss form.
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