How to Exercise at Home for Women Over 40

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Hitting this point of life when we start seeing at the mirror how-to-exercise-at-home-for-women-over-40some changes in our body appearance brings immediately the question how to exercise at home for women over 40. Luckily there are simple workouts available which you can put together and have great results within a month by spending one hour of your time every day.

What we see is some flabbiness, luck of muscles, weight gain and cellulite on specific parts of the body. That’s why I wanted to give you some quick tips to manage your body in no time by letting you know where you should put more efforts whilst exercising.

Buttocks Exercises at Home for Women Over 40

There are three easy workouts for firming your buttocks and lift it up. The only thing you need is an exercise mat.

  • Hip extensions. Support on yourself on your elbows and just one knee. Lift the other knee slightly off the floor then extend fully the leg by contracting the muscles of your gluteus. Do 20 to 30 of these and change legs.
  • Start from the same position as above but here you need to raise one of your legs completely extended by forming one line with your pelvis. From this position lift your leg upper to 40 degrees then return it back to the starting position. Don’t forget to contract the muscle whilst lifting your leg. Switch legs and do it again up to 25 of these extensions.
  • Place your knees and hands on the floor. Make sure your back is straight.  Lift your right leg straight and perpendicular with the body about 90 degree angle. Now raise your leg by forming a line with your hip. Get back to starting position and repeat up to 25 times. Switch legs and perform the same motion.

Firm Upper Arms for Women After 40

Losing weight after 40 involves firming the upper arms which could be achieved by easy exercises. To get rid of flabby arms you need a set of dumbbells from 5 to 8 pounds heavy and a ball. Here are two simple moves for you:

  • Get an average size 8 inch diameter ball and get on your knees holding your hips into a place position. Keep your abdominal muscles tight. Press out into the ball and push back up. Try to get about 15 of these.
  • Use one hand weight. Get on your knees, shoulders over the wrists and keep your abs tight. Place the hand weight in your right hand. Take your left leg and extend it out for balance. Lift that weight up, hinch from the elbow and squeeze out your triceps muscles and hinch back down. Do up to 15 f these.

Get Thinner Thighs

  • Lie on your left side. Extend your left leg with toes pointed forward forming 90 degree angle in ankle. Place your right leg over your left leg. Start making circles with left leg with limited motions. Make around 15 to 20 circles and then make circles in opposite direction. Switch sides and perform the same motions with your right leg.

This exercise is fantastic for your inner thighs. Here are the best exercises for thighs I personally practice.

Burning Tummy Fat

  • Scissors kick – Lie on your back and lift your shoulders about 5 inches off the floor. Place your arm on the side with palms facing down. Lift your heels about 5 to 6 inches off the floor. Keep your upper body in the same position throughout the entire exercise.

Perform small and fast up and down motion with your legs.  Lift your legs p to 45 degree angle with the floor and lower them not more than 3 inches above the floor.

This exercise is beneficial for lower abdominal muscles especially for women over 40. We got some weaknesses around pelvis area which could be well influenced by strengthening the abdominal muscles.

Looking for more moves for stomach fat? Visit this page: Easy exercises exercises for belly fat

I can't just close this chapter without mentioning that it’s always better if you can get up to the mountain and go for hiking. In this way you got fresh air, relaxed mind, better view and natural way to move your body.

Now you got the answer on how to exercise at home for women over 40. The only thing you should do to complete this program is to get yourself a good protein shake and natural weight loss dietary supplements and you will have the ultimate safe weight loss plan in your hands.

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