Losing Weight After 40

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Monday, 19 September 2011 22:02

Working over the years in the weight loss industry helped me losing_weight_after_40understand that the most often issue for my customers is losing weight after 40. All of them are mentioning the increase of the problem and how difficult is to manage their body weight. The one which makes me happy is that many of them are asking for healthy tips and safe weight loss plan particularly for this age.

There is nothing new under the sun but sometimes we don’t pay attention to our body until we reach this point of life where we celebrate our 40th birth day.

Safe weight loss plan for women over 40

Over the years we often don’t realize that we develop love for food and our nutritional habits are changed. When you are younger you just want to eat something because you are hungry without thinking so much about the value of the food or how much calories you eat.

When we age the recommended daily amount of calorie intake is decreasing. Younger people burn 10 -15 calories per pound daily but by the time of 45 – 50 years old this amount decreases by more than 200 calories per day. And even more; it continues to decrease throughout our life.

This simple fact shows that we should minimize the calories we eat in order to maintain our body weight. As a result of aging our metabolism slows down. Normally we burn up to 70% of the food we consume but now the numbers are lower.

To speed up your metabolism you need protein. Some of you will say that this is obvious but I know a lot of women who are trying to lose weight by eating only salads but not enough protein. Protein is important to compensate the loss of muscle tissue and increase metabolic rate.

Another issue is the amount of fat we consume. Not to mention how bad it is to eat more fat than we need. Make sure that your daily consumption of fat is less than 20% of the calories you eat. And opposite, try not to cut the fat out completely. You need it for your bones and for your brain as well.

Finally I would like to say couple of words about drinking water. For some people drinking water is a challenge and they try to replace water with different beverages. You need to make some effort here and accept the fact that plain water is better for you. A good looking smooth skin is a result of rehydration.

Drinking water is essential for faster metabolism and successful weight loss program.

Taking weight loss dietary supplements is imperative for women over 40. We have to make sure that we got vital minerals such as iron and calcium in our diet. The other thing is antioxidants and dietary fiber. As all we know reaching 40’s and over 40 years old slows metabolism down and to wake it up a good natural metabolism booster is required.

In conclusion, losing weight after 40 depends on your desire to look sexy and being healthy. As long as you put these simple tips into action you will never fail.

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