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Bronx Sport Creatine Powder

Written by Veneta   
Friday, 02 November 2012 20:29

Is Creatine Safe for Women?


Bronx Sports Creatine powder is suitable dietary supplement for men and women.

One of the biggest myths among women is that taking creatine will make them bulky. Big misconception! Creatine is not a steroid. It is designed to help you increase energy fuel to the muscles and tone them up and provides stamina overall.

Center of Biological and Health Sciences, North University of Paraná (UNOPAR) conducted a study about the effects of long-term creatine supplementation combined with resisting training in older women.

After 12 weeks the results are impressive: increase of fat free mass (+3.2), muscle mass (+2.8) and improved ability to perform strength related tasks. (Eur J Appl Physiol. 2012 Oct 7)

You can decide whether you want to enhance muscle growth or just to define your body shape. It depends on what kind of training you do to reach your goals. So, the only way to grow your muscles is to perform specific workout program for that purpose.

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