Dancing to Lose Weight

Written by Veneta   
Monday, 01 August 2011 00:11

Benefits of Dancing

Yes, dance and weight loss. It works great for anybody who wants to dancing-to-lose-weightburn fat faster.  Dancing to lose weight is one of the most enjoyable exercise and like any other type of workout involves your muscles.

The best part is that while you are dancing you don’t feel the typical tiredness. The rhythm takes you to another world.

The music makes you move without any force. And if you love the rhythm you can dance for many hours. What a magic! Sometimes I am dragging my feet to the gym but good music wakes me up instantly and makes me move my body even after long 14 hour working day.

Dancing includes jumping, stretching, squats, leaping and banding. The whole body is involved. What amazes me the most is how natural all it goes. You got the worming-up part and then the storming power of the music makes you move more intensively.

While dancing you got resistance workout as well and if you have to lift your partner you have weight lifting training. So, you get the most enjoyable belly fat burning exercise.

If you need to lose weight hit the dance floor. The benefits of dancing are countless:

  • Feeling of freedom
  • Flexibility - by flexing and extending muscles with different motions
  • Coordination
  • Strength by lifting your own body
  • Healthy heart rate
  • Increased metabolism and energy level
  • Endurance by dancing for long periods of time without feeling tired
  • Rapid weight loss.

What a great combination simply dance and weight loss! Use dancing to lose weight and get all the benefits of this enjoyable workout.

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