How Many Calories Do I Burn Walking 5 miles

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Wednesday, 19 October 2011 00:32

I was asking myself how many calories do I burnskechers walking 5 miles and I realized that there are many other people who are having the same question. The answer is different for all of us.

The calories you burn depend on your body weight, metabolism, health condition, and the pace of walking.

By walking you could burn an average from 60 – 130 calories per mile.

There is no doubt how beneficial is walking for us.

Tips on Walking

  • Walk fast with small steps – Control the size of the steps and maintain high speed of walking simultaneously. It brings significant strength to your legs.
  • Interval walking - Change the pace of walking from fast to slow, then alternate.
  • Backward walking – Practice this type to improve control over your motions.
  • Brisk walking -  Briskly walking does really burn calories if done 3 - 4 times per week. Spend one good hour for this way of walking.

Walking - Benefits for Weight Loss

You can burn calories steadily.  Walking involves bigger muscle groups than many other physical activities. You got calves, thighs, back of the thighs, hip, the muscles of your buttocks and back muscles. And here is another muscle involved which is crucial for our metabolic rate, the heart muscle.

Large muscles use a lot of oxygen in order to do their job. They are designed to work continuously on a daily basis with far more endurance capacity. Using these muscles regularly keeps your metabolism faster. Therefore the ability of your body to burn calories while resting is induced.

After a good walk you have long lasting fat burning process which is between 1 and 4 hours. So to subsume the weight loss benefits of walking:

  • Calorie expenditure
  • Increased metabolism
  • Up to 500 calories burned for 5 miles
  • Weight loss
  • Up to 4 hours after walking – continuous fat burning while resting

Walking – Health Benefits

The health benefits of walking are countless. I would like to mention some of them to show you how powerful walking is. Most of the people walk outside where they are breathing fresh air but not the air from the air conditioners. This opens the lungs up and you can really use their full capacity. If you have asthma or allergies from home dust you can decrease them.

Many studies proved significant memory improvements for elderly people who are using walking as an exercise. Getting more oxygen supply to the brain increases metabolism of brain cell.

Another benefit is better mobility induced by more nutrients nourishing the bones due to increase of blood circulation. Not only can do this but you prevent your joint system from osteoporosis.

The most important effect of walking is over the heart. It prevents us from developing cardiovascular diseases and strengthens the heart muscle.

The energy level of those who are exercising walking every day is higher. Even more boosts energy levels and mood for couple of hours.

Walking is a great aerobic exercise. It doesn’t put pressure over the joints and firms and tones the muscles of the entire body. What you really need to practice this exercise is a pair of comfortable shoes.  To benefit completely from walking use skechers shape ups.

What I like about skechers shape ups is that they make your muscles working harder.  It feels like you are walking bare feet on sand. Skechers shape ups make you change your posture in a way which involves more intensively your muscles especially those of the calves and buttocks. The results are amazing: more calories burned and firm butt.

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