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Good Butt Exercises

Written by Veneta   
Monday, 19 December 2011 15:47

Anybody can learn couple of good exercises for firm butt. There isn’t anything like good looking and firm buttocks. Gluteus maximus is a big muscle and I think that it’s one of the easiest muscles to build. We use it naturally very often and the only thing you need is to invest maximum 10 minutes of your time to work it out.good-butt-exercises

Hip Extension with Bent Knee

Get in quadruped position. Place your knees and hands on the floor. Keep your back straight. Extend your right leg straight and perpendicular with the body forming 90 degree angle. Raise it in the same line with hips. Return to starting position and repeat the same motion. You should do 20 of these then switch legs and perform the same.

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