What are the Best Exercises for Thighs

To get thinner thighs is the dream of anybody who get_thinner_thighs_excercise_for_inner_thighswants to sculpt his/her body. I belive that exercises are the most effective way to draw nice and lean legs. Here are some easy exercises I personally like.

  • Hip extension – lie down on the mat on you left side. Relax your left leg with slightly bent knee. Raise your right leg straight up and relax. Do it for 20 times. Switch sides and perform the same with your right leg.

You can do the same exercise while you are standing. You might hold a chair or support yourself at the wall.

  • Sumo Squat – Get a dumbbell or two dumbbells stand up with legs wide open, bend your knees, and keep your chest up high. Line up your torso with the direction of your knee bends. Your upper body is vertical. Sit back with your hips and push your knees open. Get back up. Sumo squat hits inner thigh, upper thigh and upper gluts to get thinner thighs.12 – 15 squats for 2 to 3 repeats.
  • Grab a chair and place it in front of mat. Sit on the mat facing that chair. Open your legs and so the chair is between them. Squeeze your legs together and release. Try 12 of these. It works on inner thighs.
  • Side leg circles – lie down on the mat on your left side, legs straight. Lift up your right leg and do a big circle. Reverse the circle for another 12. Switch sides and do it again for 12 times. Side leg circles hit the outer thighs.
  • Side leg lifts – You are on your knees, hands are placed in front of you, back is flat, keep your abs tight. Extend one leg out on the same line as your knee, lift it up to parallel to the ground and put it back down. Try 12 of these and switch legs for another 12.
  • Jumping Jacks – nice and easy exercise which revitalizes your body.
  • Lounges - Diagonal lounges, backward lounges. These are great for toning thighs.
  • Frog squat – It doesn’t require any machine. Put your feet a part, a little bit wider than your shoulders and your toes should point out slightly. The direction of your knees when they bend should line up with the direction of your toes where they point.  Draw a straight line between your hip your knees and your toes. Keep your weight through the heels. Lift your hips up till your back is parallel with the ground and lower them back to a safe position.proactol-acai-berry

Frog squat is great exercise that helps clean waste from the lower part of the body. Frog squat benefits you by firming up entirely your thighs.

These are amazing exercises that burn fat from thighs and tone up the muscles. It’s possible to lose weight If you have healthy nutritional habits and workout at least 3 times per week.

For faster and long-term results change your eating habits, drink water and take nutritional supplements. Combine Proactol Plus fat binder with Pure Acai Berry detox pill and place the memories about these heavy looking legs behind.

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