Why Women should Lift Weights


Benefits of Strength Training

There is misunderstanding about weight lifting among most women. The first misunderstanding is that heavy weight training will make them bulky. Well known fact is that a female doesn’t produce so much testosterone so there is no reason for her to be afraid of.

Men can build muscles much easier than women because their testosterone’s level is higher.

The second reason is about weight loss. Lifting weights boosts metabolism and the most important is that prolongs fat burning processes. One hour after strength training your body burns 25 percent more calories trying to recover the muscles. You melt 250 additional calories.

The great news is that for every 3 pounds of muscle you build you will fry 120 more calories per day. And just by sustaining muscles you’ll lose extra weight without changing your eating habits.

Hoisting weights improves joint system. Over the years women lose a lot of minerals which weakens bones. Studies show noticeable re-building of joint tissue in osteoporosis and arthritis.

Heavy weights exercise aids strength to your muscles which are crucial support for your joints. Another benefit is the increase the endurance of muscle tissue.

Strength training alleviates injury or chronic health conditions like obesity and diabetes. It's a powerful metabolism booster. Helps the supply of oxigen and nutrients to every single cell within the body.

Hitting the dumbbells aids the production of endorphins which strengthens your immune system.

And finally, something which makes me smile but tell me, who doesn’t want to look hot?

Pump up a bit and you’ll see instant result at the mirror. How do you think you will look after 60 days of power lifting? Lean body with firm and toned appearance builds your self-confidence and decreses depression. Researches show significant improvement in depression among women who are lifting weights.



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