Does Diet Soda Make You Fat

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Wednesday, 05 December 2012 05:41

Unfortunately, diet soda does make you fat. I used to work as coca-coladetox specialist and most of the people who were complaining that can’t lose weight were holding diet soda in their hands.

Women are more concerned about weight loss. They tend to try every possible way to control body weight including special diet pills for women and low calorie beverages. Thus the percentage of females who drink sugar free soft drinks is higher compared to men.

It’s true that large amount of sugar intake through various soft drinks may cause type 2 diabetes and obesity. Sugary drinks are fast energy resource and they are very easy to absorb and quickly used for fuel. So, the fat cells remain untouched and you can gain weight.

Diet sodas may cause the same results but artificial sweeteners are very toxic. They even cause more damage. You are not only getting fat but also this fat isn’t normal. It’s toxic fat. Therefore, zero calories and zero nutritional value combined with artificial sweeteners aren’t the right and long term solution for losing weight.

In addition by avoiding sugary sodas you are triggering the need of food with high levels of energy content. It’s the natural response of your body to compensate the lack of carbohydrates and you may end up with more pounds.

I don’t know about you but I remember the taste of the original Coca Cola. I call it original because it was sold in glass bottles and had this amazing specific taste which doesn’t exist anymore. The only thing now about this soft drink is that the color is almost identical and the amount of sugar is greater.

Due to the new demands the producers of diet sodas decided to accommodate those who want to lose weight by stating that this is the healthier choice. People have started seeking for healthy, diet, light or in other words sugar free drinks.  The sugar was replaced by artificial sweeteners that surprisingly led to weight gain and health problems.

Artificial sweeteners induce sugar craving and sugar addiction.  Ironically, the lack of calories in light and diet sodas increases appetite in those men and women who prefer them. Clinical studies confirm that diet sodas cause the elevation of blood sugar and growing fat deposits.

How Does Diet Soda Make You Fat?

Diet sodas contain mainly aspartame and splenda. Both of them are artificial sweeteners which mean that they do not come from nature. I’ve read a lot of studies and most of them don’t admit clearly the facts behind those two substances. The reasons: big money with all commercial power of big companies. However, some researches leaked and they state that these sweeteners are harmful.

As I said before they are toxic. They make your liver work harder than usually. Whatever the liver couldn’t cope with remains within your body and has been stored mainly in the fat cells. It results in weight gain. So, don’t be surprised if you feel congested, tired and bloated. When your body sees danger it surrounds the enemy with huge amount of fluid to protect you.

In the end I would like to tell you that aspartame has almost a year shelf life. That’s why if you are wondering why you are retaining water it is because artificial sweeteners are very acidic. Simply decide by yourself whether diet soda makes you fat or not. We all know the answer which is Yes.

Now you want to know what you should drink to reduce fat: diet Coke or regular one. None of them will help you stop weight gain. Drink hot water – this is what I like the most. Hot water will never make you fat! The other options are to replace diet soda with fresh juice made from vegetables and fruits or simply drink herbal slimming tea.

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