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When we talk about European diet I always think about european_dietEast Europe.

This part of the continent is away older and has much more traditions in any aspect of life including ancient nutritional habits. I could just say that we influenced the rest part of the world with our cuisine.

I would like to share my own experience as a person who is born and raised in Europe.  Every time when I am going back home I ask my mom to prepare my favorite food which is impossible to find in US.

Here is a list of typical foods we eat which makes us look thinner and have better health without doing any other things like exercises, bodybuilding or jogging.

Sour milk which some people call it yogurt is the base of our cuisine. But this type of milk is different. There is no person in my country who doesn’t have “yogurt” in their fridge. The most common “yogurt” we consume is made from cow milk. It has vitamins, minerals, essential fats, protein and the most valuable in it are all good bacteria. Lactobacillus bulgaricus is the bacteria which hardly survives  outside of Bulgaria and makes our yogurt so unique.

How do we eat our sour milk? We make a lot of different meals with it:

  • You can eat it plain just from the jar. It has a unique taste which I can’t describe.
  • You can make cold soup by adding couple of drops of oil, salt and tiny pieces of chestnut, garlic and cucumbers. Then mix it with water and you have Tarator (that’s the name of the soup).
  • Make yourself a drink by mixing it with water and some salt. We call it ayran.
  • Mix “yogurt” with jam of cherries or some other fresh fruits. It’s the most delicious cream you can make for one minute.
  • Milk salad – You will need to squeeze the water of the milk to make it thicker, and then simply put the same ingredients as you added in it to make Tarator.

Cheese – I don’t have any idea why they call it Greek but most of the countries in East Europe have it. It’s white color and has very high nutritional value. This type of cheese is not that soft like yellow cheese but it has the same nutrients as our yogurt.

Peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, bean, potatoes, green salads, eggs…everybody has them in their home. And whole secret is that everything is organic. The aroma of the vegetables and the taste are indescribable. You don’t need any dressing which is usually quite fattening because those vegetables have taste.

We use a lot of herbs. You can call them species if you wish.  Almost every meal in the European diet consists parsley. You will find in parsley protein, carbohydrates, fats, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, Vitamin C, dietary fiber, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and zinc. Can you imagine?

The other herb we use is fennel. Fennel has just about everything as well in it. It goes very well with Tarator, milk salad and any other meal and salad.

These are just two of the herbs we eat. The species we consume in Europe are countless and I think that this is the main difference between US diet and European diet. We can’t imagine a meal without at least 5 herbs.

Herbs are the best natural medicine you can find.

Let me give you the healthiest salad we have: It’s called Shopska salad. You need tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, some chili peppers, olives, white cheese, onion, parsley, a bit of sunflower oil and black pepper and salt. Make sure that all the ingredients in this salad are raw.

This article will become endless that’s why I wanted to give you a brief overview to have an idea how the European cuisine could make huge difference on those who are  looking for healthy ways to lose weight or manage their body weight.

Note, that we are using a lot of chili pepper and black pepper in European diet. Capsaicin in Chili Peppers and Piperine in Black Pepper, both of them act as thermogenic compounds which stimulate fat burning  processes in body. It's not a cuincidence that in 2009 was launched one of the most effectve fat burners Capsiplex which is entirely based on pure extract of chili and Bioperine (extract of black pepper).

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