Food that Makes You Lose Weight

Fat Burning Foods and Drinks

Looking for food that makes you lose weight is the easiest task ever when you know couple of foods to stick with on a daily basis. If you want to be more outgoing and happy with your new looking lean body just check my list out of foods for belly fat loss:

  • Chocolate – At least 70% dark chocolate has antioxidant power to benefit your health.
  • Avocado - Has monounsaturated fat to lower blood cholesterol, high fiber content for your digestive system, huge amount of potassium, vitamins B, E and K.
  • Eggs – Egg whites are great resource of protein. Eggs contain essential amino acids, vitamins A, B2, B6 and B12. They will give you 3 omega fatty acids, minerals such as calcium and phosphorus and potassium.
  • Cinnamon - Has significant antioxidant power, great for the those who are struggling with type 2 diabetes or digestive problems.
  • Olives - Natural antioxidants
  • Beans - Rich in protein, carbs and iron. They have high amount of fibers which are proven to reduce bad blood cholesterol and assist our digestive system’s absorption and the processes of elimination.
  • Water - There is no process within the body which could be done without water. We need it to metabolize and remove toxins.
  • Green tea - Powerful antioxidant, reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol. Green tea is #1 drink for obese people with its fat burning potent.
  • Coffee - Opposite to all believes caffeine in coffee is a stimulant, a metabolism booster and antioxidant.
  • Chili peppers also known as Capsicum (the main ingredient in Capsiplex) - Very rich in antioxidants, dietary fibers and minerals. Capsaicin in chilies is incredible metabolism booster which induces body's ability to burn fat.

Food Supplements for Weight Loss

For most Americans obesity additives are the major reason for gaining weight. I’ve been living in the states for 10 years and believe me I’ve experienced difficulties to keep my body in shape. This is something which I’ve had never expected to happen to me but I understand now why.

Even if you watch your diet very carefully you still depend on the glossary store where you buy food supply for your family. The market is huge but you can’t find the real natural food which will give your body pure organic micronutrients.

This is the main reason why you should take supplements. They will help you lose weight without starving yourself or feel cravings for food by adding all natural nutrients which you need on a cellular level. The question is which supplements and diet pills are the best for you and which protein powder will give you all the vitamins, minerals, essential fats, carbohydrates and amino acids?

There is something very important for people who want to lose weight:

When you want to get rid of belly fat or any other fat deposits the first thing is to clean your body internally or we can call it detoxification. The second thing is to balance your body functions. The 3rd thing is to nourish every single cell of yours.  And here is the major role of dietary supplements such as Acai Berry or Proactol Plus.

Still if you have idea what makes you gain weight you’ll be able to avoid it and quickly start seeing how the fat is melting away of your belly. I've picked some common foods which are part of the american culture and I know for sure makes you gain body weight.

Foods to Avoid While Losing Weight

List if foods that have fat and drinks which you shouldn’t choose:

  • French fries – it’s a sponge for bad fat and raises LDL cholesterol.
  • Hot dogs - very rich in sodium nitrate, salt, fat and nitrite. BAD!
  • Beef steak – takes 4 to 6 months for your liver to process it completely.
  • Diet Coca Cola – takes 6 to 12 months for your liver to purify you blood because of one can of diet Coca Cola.
  • Smoothies – full of sugar, synthetic flavors and chemicals. They are far away of the original idea.

Stay away of anything which is sugar- free and has label “diet” on it!

Choosing the right food that makes you lose weight is guarantee for long lasting result and better health especially when combined with high quality weight loss dietary supplements.

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