How Coffee Makes You Lose Weight

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Tuesday, 27 September 2011 00:31

Does Coffee Keeps You From Losing Weight

There are a lot of controversial opinions about how coffee makes youhow-coffee-makes-you-lose-weight lose weight that’s why I would like to give my thinking about this amazing aromatic beverage. And when I think about coffee I always picture my 76 years old mom who has her cup of Turkish coffee every single morning since age of 18.

The only way to gain weight by having coffee is to add all these fancy flavored syrups, cream, ice cream, alcohol and sugar in it. As you can see it’s not the coffee which has to take the blame for being overweight but the additives people put in it.

Coffee Benefits For Weight Loss

  • Coffee stimulates body's ability to burn visceral fat. It's abdominal fat that gives you big belly but it stays deeper within the abdomen.
  • Coffee Increases blood flow therefore improves exercise performance or any other physical activity. Caffeine in coffee helps you get more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. Researches show improved muscular recovery for those who are drinking coffee.
  • Caffeine is a metabolism booster – helps providing more blood towards the heart and the muscles which raises energy levels. The more energy you have the more calories you burn so you can lose weight easier.
  • Diuretic – mild diuretic. Quick tip: every time when you drink coffee have at least a glass of water to compensate the loss of fluids.
  • The major health benefits of coffee are the decrease of liver disease by 25% and minimizing the risk of prostate cancer and heart problems as well.
  • Coffee contains minerals such as magnesium and chromium to assist our body using the hormone insulin which is the reason for decreasing the risk of getting diabetes type 2.
  • It’s not a secret that coffee is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants prevent cells from being damaged from free radicals which lower the percentage of liver cancer amongst those favoring coffee. (For more details visit:

If somebody has doubts about coffee’s pluses I would like to mention that coffee could be bad if it is processed in wrong way by adding a lot of chemicals such as flavors, etc.

My tip is that you shouldn’t relay to only one component when you want to lose weight. Losing weight is a compound of physical activity, nutritional habits and proper supplementation or in other words lifestyle changing steps. Coffee could be used as a positive addition in your weight loss program and exercise sessions to assist you accomplishing your fat loss goals.

Caffeine found in coffee is a key thermogenic ingredient of many weight loss supplements and products for cellulite reduction. Studies show that caffeine in coffee and green tea stimulates fat oxidation and thermogenesis along with appetite suppression.

The beneficial effects of Caffeine on body weight maintenance are successfully implemented in dietary supplements. Some of the top diet pills that contain caffeine are Phen375 appetite suppressant, Capsiplex fat burner and Meratol carb blocker.


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