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If you want to lose weight and have the right weight management information-on-nutrientsplan you need to have basic information on nutrients and know about daily nutrition. There are seven fundamental nutrients which we need in order to be healthy, having success with any weight loss program and enjoy high level lifestyle living.

These nutrients are Protein, Carbohydrates, Essential Fats, Vitamins, Dietary Fiber, Minerals and Water.


It’s a big misconception that we can find protein only in meets. There are more resources of protein in vegan foods and there are better for your health and weight loss management. Another misunderstanding is the amount of protein we need on a daily basis. More protein in your dietary plan can actually harm you.

Women – the necessary amount per day is 47 grams.

Men – the optimum amount is 54 grams per day.


Carbohydrates are two types – Simple carbohydrates and Complex Carbohydrates. Simple carbs are coming from fruits or sugary food like cookies, candy bars or different drinks such as Coca Cola. Your body burns them very fast.

Complex Carbohydrates are coming from vegetables or food like bread and rice.  It takes longer for your body to process them.

Carbohydrates are major fuel for your body.  They give you two sorts of energy fuel which are glucose and glycogen. Glucose is been burned out instantly. The rest of this glucose is stored into your muscles and liver. This is the actual glycogen. The excess amount of glycogen is converted into fat which is your main storage of energy.

Carbs free diet for weight loss

If you are on a carbs free diet your body turns into starvation mode. In this situation protein is used for energy which leads to excessive breakdown of your muscles. The result is increased production of sodium within your system. Carbs free diet is not a healthy dietary choice for any weight loss program.

Essential Fats

Essential fatty acids are vital for your health and wellbeing. These are important not only for your brain and joints but for the optimum functions of the whole body system.

Fat free diet will cause hair loss, brittle nails and many serious health conditions such as blood clots.

Saturated Fat- contains hydrogen atoms. You can find it in meat, dairy products and some tropical oils such as palm oil. Researches show increase of blood cholesterol levels, obesity and cancer in people who are consuming high amount of saturated fat. Fantastic way to avoid the absorption of unwanted fat is Proactol Plus weight loss supplement which helps you block 27.4% of the fat you consume indigestible.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids - these are having different amount of hydrogen atoms. Good example here is fish.

Monounsaturated Fat - helps you reduce bad cholesterol. You will find it in flaxseed, soybean and olive oil. The main property of this essential fat is the content of Omega-3 fatty acids. As you can see it’s crucial to have on hand this information on nutrients in order to prevent yourself from health troubles.

Coming from Eastern European dietary culture I would like to mention that you should balance the intake of fats in your diet.


Fat soluble – A, D, E and K - Fat soluble vitamins are stored in your liver and fatty tissues for future usage by the body. Sometimes they could remain more than ½ an year.

  • Vitamin A – fights infections.
  • Vitamin D – helps your body in the absorption of calcium. Vitamin A balances the levels of calcium and phosphorus in our blood.
  • Vitamin E – alpha-tocopherol is a powerful antioxidant that fights against free radicals. Foods such as Almonds, sunflower seeds and peanuts are with high nutritional content of Vitamin E.
  • Vitamin K – regulates blood clotting and vital for the bone system. It could be found in green vegetables and fruits.

Water soluble – these vitamins don’t remain insight your body for long time. They provide you quickly with their nutritional value and afterwards leave the system through urinating. That’s why they need to be replaced often.


Minerals are the basic structure of life. They are vital for prevention from obecity, osteoporosis, heart problems and cancer.

  • Potassium - tomatoes, bananas, potato skin
  • Calcium - for your bones, teeth and better nervous system. Eat vegetables, nuts and seeds
  • Phosphorus - to maintain healthy bones and teeth, pH level of the body and metabolism. Find it in lean meet, grains an milk.
  • Sodium - vegetables, milk and spinach
  • Magnesium - needed for bones and teeth, metabolism and nervous sysyem. Finded in nuts and soy beans mainly
  • Zinc - for better cell reproduction. Available in milk, eggs, seafood and whole - graine sources.
  • Copper - to maintain blood vessels, proper iron metabolism and to synthesize hemoglobin. Mainly available in nuts,  seafood and green leafy vegetables.
  • Iodine - to regulate your metabolism. It's crucial for the production of hormone thyroxine.
  • Selenium - selenium is important for our hormonal balance (the functions of the thyroid gland). It could be found in nuts, mushrooms, eggs and meet.
  • Iron - to prevent anemia make sure to include some of these foods in your diet - fish, eggs, dried fruits, beans, green leafy vegetables, whole grains


There are insoluble and soluble fibers. Soluble fibers form a gel when you mix them with liquid. Insoluble fibers just pass through our intestinal tract. We need both of them for proper function of our digestive system.


Water is the last on this list of vital nutrients but the most important for every single cell of ours. There is no process within the body which can be done without water. We are 70% water. Been dehydrated is very common issue now days. Just a simple example how essential is the nutritional value of water: 2% less water affects the memory ability and concentration.

Water is important for those who are on a weight loss management program to succeed. Smaller amount of body water slows their metabolism down.

Improving your nutritional habits by applying this basic information on nutrients will give maximum result if combined with physical activity for both body weight management and health.

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