The Relationship between Food and Diet

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Thursday, 13 October 2011 16:15

If you are on a diet there is a big chance to start fearinghealthy-food some foods after dieting for so long. You've been adjusted to certain foods which you consider as good foods and you are ready to do anything possible just to stay in shape by avoiding the bad ones.

The problem is that you are developing negative attitude towards some foods which could lead over the time to eating disorders. The idea of dieting should be getting back on track without any health consequences.

Here is a brief look at some important tips you should implement that will help you maintain a positive relationship between food and diet.

Healthy or Unhealthy Food

You should start looking at the food as a healthy way to nourish your body which will benefit you overall. The idea is to stop thinking about the food as a bad or good thing. The most important is the nutritional value of the food but not only the calories you are consuming. Very often low calorie foods could bring more damage rather to assist you in your weight loss plans.

Sugar free and fat free foods together with diet soda can make you fat. They wiil not give you any energy and nutrients. Simply the toxins they contain will be stored in the fat cells on your thighs, butt and belly.

Great example associated with health problems are sweeteners such as aspartame. It's actually pretty toxic replacement of sugar compared to a tea spoon of honey. To have better food ideas check Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss article. You should make those snacks as a part of your weight loss program and eat them to maintan healthy body mass index.

Have a Plan for Cheat Meals

If you want to maintain a healthy relationship with food you should have once in a while cheat meals in your dietary plan.
My advice is that eating the food you love once a week will give you psychological relief from your strict diet. You'll not gain weight right away after one pizza.

So, don't be afraid to get a good slice of pizza or something else which you like. If you do it once a week it will not destroy your fat loss progress. The important thing here is to avoid the feeling of guilt and simply enjoy food.

Note: Make sure that you are not going to cheat every day.

Take Diet Breaks from Time to Time

Taking diet breaks is necessary for your metabolism. Sometimes people who are on a diet tend to maintain their weight by keeping low calorie intake. This might help you to lose weight but when your body is used to low calorie food very soon you will realize that every single bite you take will be stored as fat.

This happens because low calorie diet puts your system on starvation mode and your metabolism slows down as well. As a result instead of keeping the weight off you will gain it back again.

Diet breaks are the key for achieving stable metabolism and permanent weight loss. You will learn very fast that you can eat more and still get the desirable body shape. In other words diet breaks will teach you of body weight management.

Now you know some fundamental steps which will help you maintaining healthy relationship between food and dieting. The other thing is that you can employ weight loss supplements such as protein shakes or natural diet pills that can ease the tension from dieting and stimulate fat burn and improve health.

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