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Zone Diet Meal Planszone-diet-meal-plans

The easiest way to utilize the zone diet at home is to use the hand method. It allows you to know the right serving size of each vitally important micronutrient: carbohydrate, protein and fat.

Following the typical ratio of the zone diet plan 40: 30: 30 you can be sure that you are getting the approximate amount of nutrients required daily. The most useful tool here is your hand. It’s like 1, 2, 3:

  • Protein per meal has to be equal to the size and the thickness of your palm.
  • Fats - Use the tip of your thumb to measure the fats.
  • To determine the amount of carbohydrates use the size of a fist. Carbs are in two groups favorable and unfavorable.

Favorable carbohydrates are mainly vegetables and fruits. Use two loose fists per portion.

Unfavorable carbohydrates are all refined foods like white breads and pasta. If you choose these foods then the required amount is just one tight fist.

For example if you want to have chicken with green salad, then the size of the chicken will be the same as the size of your palm and the size of the green salad will be two loose fists.

But if you want to have pasta and stir fried vegetables, then pasta will be one tight fist and the vegetable are going to be two loose fists.

Let’s put together all we’ve learned:

Protein – the amount of protein should never exceed the size and the thikness of your palm.

  • Choose lean and low-fat source of protein such as chicken or fillet from fish.
  • Remember that exercise and lean body mass of different people could change the required amount of protein.
  • The size of protein will determine the amount of carbs.

Fats – you should choose an unsaturated fat, rich in omega-3s and omega-6s.

  • Good choices are seeds, avocado and cold pressed olive oils.

Carbohydrates – vegetables and fruits which are moderate foods should be two fists. The rest sources of carbohydrates such as bread and pasta – tow loose fists.

Have five meals per day

  • Use again your hand (five fingers) to remind yourself for these five meals.
  • You will have three main meals and two snacks daily.
  • Don’t forget the ratio 40:30:30.

How often should you eat?

  • Don’t let your body stay without any food more than 5 hours.
  • Your first meal should be within 60 minutes after waking up.
  • Your last meal should be 30 minutes before sleep so that blood sugar levels stay balanced.

The zone diet plan is an excellent way to burn fat fast and it’s simple to do by anybody at any time. I personally use the zone diet at home and everywhere else I go and it works perfectly for me.

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