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PureAcaiBerry™ -- An Acai Product for Quick and Safe Weight Loss

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Acai Berry Origin Brazil
Guarantee 6 months - Money Back
Serving Size 1500mg of pure Acai Berry
Cost From $32 to $54, 95
Certifications CITES, Certificate of Analysis (COA), Annex Certificate
Overall Rating star_yellowstar_yellowstar_yellowstar_yellowstar_yellow

So, you've got all about the quick weight loss power of Pure Acai Berry, right? Acai will improve dramatically your weight loss efforts. And as it is also packed to the brim with a number of wonderful nutrients, together with Resveratrol and Anthocyanins. It can even offer your overall health a lift, too.

Vita-Pure Technologies is the manufacturer of Pure Acai Berry Max. The company produces vitamins and supplements since 1986 and Pure Acai Berry owns one of the highest ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) values registered to date. Three capsules of this Acai Berry supplement are equivalent to 200 servings of blue berries.

And it's ALL natural, which in an exceedingly world of terrifying drug side effects, is both refreshing and really encouraging. But my analysis has uncovered some vital information you would like, before you open the magic box up and head towards a slim, attractive and healthy new you! As with any new weight loss product, there are many firms fighting for your hard-earned money.

However be aware: NOT ALL ACAI IS MADE EQUAL.

Don't worry, as I am about to share with you specifically what makes an Acai supplement effective and also the one company I actually have found, that meets of these necessities and much more.

Acai Berry Benefits

Acai Berry delivers significant benefits - weight loss, detox and health enhancement. Made of the purest, organic, freeze dried Amazonian palm berry, Acai Berry supplement provides unbeatable antioxidant power.

Detoxifies Body (Please read Acai Berry Detox article)

Acai Berry was measured clinically for its antioxidant capacity. The results state that Acai Berry has the highest scavenging activity compared to any other fruits and vegetables. It has exceptional cleansing properties by catching free radicals and blocking their damaging actions.

Reduces Inflamation and Pain - Acai Berry is natural inhibitor against the enzymes that cause swelling and pain.

Improves digestion - Polyphenols in berries inhibit the growth of bad bacteria in the intestines.

Lowers LDL cholesterol levels and increases HDL.

Promotes Healthy Heart - Omega 3 essential fatty acids reduce cardiovascular diseases.

Anti-aging - Phenolic compund in Acai berries delays aging processes and makes your skin glow.

Strengthens Immune System - Acai Berry owns strong antibacterial activity. Even the lowest doses of Acai quench bacteria.

(Resource: Natural and Medicinal Products Research, AIMBR Life Sciences,Washington, USA)

How Does Acai Berry Help With Weight Loss?

  • Suppresses appetite by helping you eat less each day
  • Conserve carbohydrates while melting fat away.
  • Lose 1lb - 5lb per week for quick and safe weight loss
  • Strengthens immune system with 88, 3% antioxidant capacity.
  • Boost your metabolism: Faster metabolism = Faster weight loss result.
  • Reduces adipose tissues and improves their function via unsaturated Omega 3 fatty acids.

What Makes Acai Berry Work?

Let's see specifically what is completely essential for an Acai product to be effective and work for you:

  • Acai Berry's dried powder contains 19 amino acids, fatty acids 49, 4%, vitamins, flavonoids and dietary fiber 27, 3% and tannin with antibacterial properties.

  • It has to be FREEZE DRIED! A lot of companies will reduce prices by using poor processing techniques, like spraying or air drying. Do not be fooled!
  • Only ORGANIC Acai with authentic ORAC rating certificate works and guarantees the entire power of Acai Berry supplement.
  • You need 1500mg daily intake of ACAI BERRY to experience real results. Nothing less won't provide you the quick weight loss and detox you have read about.

Watch FOX News video for a few tips about what to look out for:

Dim lights

With PureAcaiBerry™ you are bound to get:

  • Fast & healthy weight loss!
  • 100% pure Acai, not an extract
  • Zero fillers or binders
  • Organic & FREEZE DRIED complete with ORAC certificate
  • No rip off "Free Trials". Order once you wish
  • Guaranteed to work or a refund
  • 100% of pure ACAI BERRY in 1500mg daily

Anything else than the purest, organic, freeze dried Acai could be a waste of your time & cash.

Unfortunatley some producers will persuade you defferently. Be cautious! With such a lot of press and media hysteria related to the weight loss power of the Acai Berry, you'll be simply forgiven for diving in and shopping for the first product you stumble upon. And that brings me to an other crucial piece of analysis I've found . . .

You may have seen the number of Acai "Free Trial" sites, arising like a virus across the net. Unfortunatley they seem so tempting, it is simple to fall for their apparent charms.acai-berry-detox


‘Acai Free Trials” are literally a subscription system where you'll be sent a brand new bottle each month whether you raise for it or not. Once they get your credit card details, which they tell is just to pay for the shipping costs, they’ll really charge you each month.

Apparentley, they conceal this reality within a small print and you may spend hours of frustrations trying to cancel. Even worse, these scam firms can charge you for extract, spray dried or air dried Acai for a minimum of twice the price of Pure Acai Berry.

So, you are spending more for products which don't cost so much to be produced and they are far away from the quality of Pure Acai Berry. In fact, it's freeze drying that keeps up Acai's weight loss effectiveness and preserves all the beneficial nutrients and antioxidants from being lost.

You'll be eased to know Pure Acai Berry don't provide free trials. What they do provide is excellent value for money. I couldn't discover better brand than this.

Order Pure Acai Berry ™ and Get up to 57% Discount!

6 month (180 day) TOTAL SATISFACTION or a refund guarantee!

I'm certain you will trust me that Pure Acai Berry's guarantee offers exceptional peace of mind. And it is a really rare feeling now days. The manufacturers let you qualify for the longest-term guarantee in the weight loss industry. They are absolutely confident with Acai Berry’s quality they have created.

You will not only see fast weight loss and improved health, but you will be doing it RISK FREE! After intensive analysis, I am positive there's merely no more powerful Acai Berry product on the market offered. I am also sure that when you try Pure Acai Berry supplement you will think so too. In conclusuion, the most I value about Pure Acai Berry ™ is its dual function: detox and weight loss.

In addition, you'll receive:

  • 24 hour support via phone and email
  • Full 6 month money-back guarantee
  • Exclusive discount offers
  • Fast, discreet, and free shipping
  • An enormous 90 pills per box
  • 1500mg of 100% PURE Acai Berry per day

Detoxifies body

Acai Berry was measured clinically for its antioxidant capacity. The results state that Acai Berry has the highest scavenging activity compared to any other fruits and vegetables. It has exceptional cleansing properties by catching free radicals and blocking their damaging actions.

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