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Food Addiction and Appetite Suppression

Food addiction is very common disease now days. All we know that manufacturers are woman-eating-ice-creamusing specific ingredients in the food and in the soft drinks to increase their market. Typical examples are all these big bags of snacks and diet drinks which have zero nutritional value. Once you open them up you can’t stop eating till the last bite and drop. That's why we call them pleasing foods.

They stimulate the release of dopamine hormone that makes you feel good. So, there is some kind of addiction to this feeling which causes food craving and the result is weight gain, obesity and poor health.  In other words there is emotional attachment to foods. To prevent food addiction you may stay clear of junk food and diet soda. (read Does Diet Soda Make you Fat)

The other cause of food addiction is environmental; appetite inducing images of meals, TV advertisements, driving desire packaging and so on.  I believe that overeating is science related to demanding industry.  Now the question is how to break it?! It might sound weird for you but I’ll say it: Change your attitude by ignoring images that provoke ''hungry eyes''.

Choice of Foods and Appetite Suppression

There is a huge difference between a bag of smart pop corn and a bite of candy. Pop corn delivers good amount of high fiber value that makes you feel satisfied and helps your digestive system. You should avoid high calorie food that doesn’t provide any nutritional value to your body. The only result after high calorie bites is obesity.

My recommendation is a bowl of chicken soup instead of a plate of rice. You will get protein from the chicken and good source of carbs and fibers from the vegetables in this soup. Therefore, focus on eating organic vegetables and fruits. They supply your body with amino acids, minerals, antioxidants, fibers, carbs for energy and essential fats.

Short-term Fasting and Appetite Suppression

If you are into fasting you should know that short-term fasting is the better choice.  Studies prove that enhances cardiovascular system, helps you clean your body and makes your stomach shrink. Also, short-term fasting can assist you manage your hunger by decreasing harmful cholesterol levels and reduce fat cells. Moreover, when you lose weight you regulate the hormones that trigger craving.

Those of you who are fasting for long periods of time are risking putting your health down by constantly lacking vitally important nutrients. Long-term fasting could cause psychological problems and destroy your bone density and muscles.

Stress and Appetite Suppression

Stress could influence us in two directions – overeating or not eating at all. In both situations stress harms your body. Most of the people belong to the group of overeaters. Well known fact is that food makes you produce hormones that keep you happy.  That’s why you will find yourself craving for carbs or spicy food while stressed.

Reduce your hunger by decreasing your stress level. You may try finding new hobby to keep yourself busy. The other little trick to handle the stress related food craving is to have some smartly chosen snacks around such as raw almonds, carrots, apples, chopped cabbage and pieces of cauliflower.

Exercise and Appetite Suppression

Exercising is actually proven to work for calming food craving down.  One aerobic session right before your dinner can significantly reduce the amount of food you eat. Studies show that exercising stimulates the release of hormones that send certain signals to the brain and makes you feel no hunger.

Actually, exercise increases the secretion of serotonin hormone and enhances mood. This fact automatically sets positive attitude and fulfills you which helps you avoid stress related hunger.  On the other hand, I know many people (to be exact females) that eat more after exercise. They use it as an excuse to reward themselves for the good workout they’ve just done.

There is a study about the relationship between exercise and weight loss. The results show that physically active people don’t gain weight because their calorie intake matches the energy expended through exercise. Basically, food intake depends on how do you workout.

Intensive exercise significantly stimulates appetite. Every day training puts huge impact over your body such as high level of stress hormones adrenalin and cortisol. Prolonged secretion of those hormones leads to accumulation of fat deposits. You should schedule your workout sessions to eliminate overeating.

Supplements to Suppress Appetite

You could use many ways to suppress appetite but the most popular way to control your hunger is to find supplements that help you fight this issue naturally. These supplements are made from clinically proven to work components such as soluble and nonsoluble fibers, polyphenols, caffeine from coffee beans and teas and capsaicin from hot peppers. Using products that carb your cravings simply assist you balancing the processes within your body that are responsible for proper metabolism.

Furthermore, by taking the right pills you’ll be able to decrease problems such as uncontrollable hunger. They may stimulate the release of hormones such as adiponectin and serotonin to make you feel better without excessive food intake. Dietary supplements contain active substances found in nature. Anyway, we consume them and why not utilizing modern technologies that allow us to support weight loss.

Following these healthy tips to suppress your appetite will assist you fighting against stacking your stomach with  high calorie food or junk snacks such as chips, pretzels and so on.

If you can't resist food craving try one of the top Reccomennded Appetite Auppresants.

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