Body Weight Management

Body weight management is when you maintain your weight at body_weight_managementa healthy state by having information on the amount of food you need, how to measure your body mass index, how to calculate calories intake and using body fat percentage calculator.

Working out on a daily basis and having the right diet plan are essential when it comes to balancing your weight. Having body weight management plan should be based on whether you are underweight or overweight.

A simple way to find out your own preferable body weight is to utilize the following formula:

  • Women: 5 feet height - 100 pounds. For any additional inch you need to add 5 pounds.
  • Men: 5 feet height – 106 pounds. For any additional inch you should add 6 pounds.
  • Small body structure: subtract 10%
  • Large body structure: add 10%

Body mass measurement and body fat percentage calculator are utilized to check whether a person is overweight or under the required weight..

The suggested amount of body fat depends on the genre of the person.


  • The suggested amount of body fat is 20 -21%.
  • Women with 30% body fat or higher are obese.


  • The suggested amount of body fat is 13 -17%.
  • Men with more than 25% are obese.

Body mass index (BMI) is the fastest and easiest tool to use for calculating your body fat percentage and start managing your body weight. Body fat percentage calculator assists you determine your risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes or some other life threatening health condition.

There is a difference between obesity and overweight.  Obesity is simply medical condition related with excessive amount of fat to level which is leading to the increase of various health problems and eventually shortening life.

Overweight is a pre-obese stage where people have more body fat stored than is ideally healthy.

Body weight management for those who have been overweight requires lifetime healthy eating plan and physical exercises.

Calorie Intake to Maintain Weight

  • 10 calories per pound of your preferable weight - For those with sedentary lifestyle or highly obese people.
  • 13 calories per pound of your preferable weight - Over 55 years old or people with very low level of physical activity.
  • 15 calories per pound of your preferable weight - If you do have some activity regularly.
  • 18 calories per pound of your preferable weight - If you practice very intensive physical activity.

Tips for Body Weight Management

  • Get youself a step counter which is very simple tool to manage your weight.
  • Combine physical exercises with healthy diet plan to control your desired weight. Exercises will make you burn more calories, build muscle tissue and gain vital energy.
  • Drink water. Rehydrate your body with plain water. Remeber you are 70% water.
  • Make decision and start implementing all these steps gradually to achieve longterm health and eating habits.
  • Try Nuratrim. It's the newest and most advanced thermogenic weight management.

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