Can Excess Fat Make You Sweat More

It’s obvious that people who are overweight have more excess fatty tissue cells. One of the purposes of fat is to keep us warm. Fat cells are storage of energy which when released makes you sweat more.

Sweating regulates temperature within our system by excreting fluid through the sweat glands. It cools us down whilst evaporating from the surface of the skin.

Why Do We Sweat?

Sweating could be caused by external factors such as hot weather or internally, for example caused by stress and hormonal changes.

Weather; Hot weather – the actual heat from the atmosphere makes your body balancing itself by releasing water. High temperature increases blood circulation and if you are overweight is like having at least one thick coat over your body which makes you feel warmer.

Exercise or physical work - Intensive workout warms the muscles up by increasing the blood flow towards the muscles. This process raises body’s temperature physically. And again, sweating is the way to decrease the heat.

Stress - If you have emotional sweating you know that it occurs on the palms, armpits and the forehead mainly.This type of sweating it's not a privilege only for those who weigh more.

Hormones - Hormonal changes caused by puberty or hormonal imbalance during menopause or after hysterectomy. Sometimes the reason is hidden in vegetative nervous system or other hormonal issue.

Impurities - Impurity within your system caused by constipation, drinking alcohol or caused by other type of toxins. If your body doesn’t have any other way to remove toxins, it will turn towards your skin which the largest organ.

Fat - Obese people have away more fat cells. Too much of stored energy triggers heat.

So, can excess fat make you sweat more? The answer is YES.  The problem is that the excessive amount of fat puts huge pressure over the heart muscle and when you are exposed to heat it doubles up. Having excess body weight makes you use away more energy even when you do a simple physical motion.

How to Reduce Sweating

  • Minimize the consumption of heavy, oily and fried food...anything fried.
  • Reduce the intake of spicy substances.
  • Decrease the amount of salt.
  • Avoid alcohol, especially beer. Alcohol is toxic and it's natural for our body system to do anything to remove it.
  • Have a good detox at home. Make sure that you have regular bowel movement. It's imperative to aid stopping excessive sweating.
  • Try not to stress out. Stress messes up your hormons.
  • Drink water - Excessive sweating leads to internal dryness caused by lack of water within your body.
  • Balance your hormones through healthy nutrition and food supplements.
  • Lose weight. Take natural weight loss supplements that are rich in minerals to help yourself out. While sweating we lose valuable minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron. The loss of minerals causes heart problems,  osteoporosis and anemea.

I don’t want to sound boring but I have to say it: Less excess fat in your body will help you heart working better and longer for you and you are not going to sweat so much with all uncomfortable consequences.

Just burn the fat out! Try Phen375. It's a natural fat burner, rich in Calcium and balances hormones.

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