Diabetes and Weight Loss

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Monday, 08 August 2011 01:39

The Link Between Fat and Diabetes

There are many misconceptions when it comes to diabetes and weight loss. The main reason is the lack of understanding the link between fat and diabetes. That’s why I decided to give a simple explanation for those who are afraid to start any weight loss program because of the restrictions given by the doctor.

The world is getting overweight day after day and it seems that it doesn’t stop ever. As a result diabetes came on place, growing along with the increased number of heavy people.

The statistic of people who are affected by diabetes is sadly elevating every next day. The bad news is that diabetes is becoming very common health problem for younger people. It doesn’t spare children who have fallen in the category of the obese population.

The question is does body fat influences the development of diabetes and what is the connection between fat and diabetes?

A quick look on how body fat is linked to diabetes:

The Link Between Body Fat and Insulin

The first problem is that the more fat you have the higher amount of insulin will be required in order to supply the glucose to the cells after carbohydrates are consumed.

The main reason for developing diabetes is that the amount of secreted insulin is not sufficient and the glucose will remain in the blood stream which causes high blood glucose level.

The more fat is accumulated within your system the more insulin will be constantly required. The raise of insulin production can actually hurt your body.

The Risk of Eating Fast Food For Diabetics

If you have high percentage of body fat it’s an obvious indication of wrong nutritional choices. You are more tend to eat fast food, midnight fattening snacks, highly processed cereals etc. You should change your food preferences to fruits and vegetables.

Eating all these foods which are lacking of vital nutrients puts huge pressure over your pancreas and the necessary amount of insulin is decreased. Therefore it’s difficult for the pancreas to deal with the glucose in blood.

The Role of Receptors For Diabetes

The accumulation of higher levels of fat within your blood stream stimulates a specific receptor in the system known as GR40. This receptor is responds to increased levels of blood sugar by encouraging a high elevation in insulin production.

So, in this situation you got so much fat added to the sugar in the blood that results in higher secretion of insulin. Over the years all these processes put stress over the pancreas which could just collapse and stop working properly.

As you can see there are many ways in which our body fat is linked to health diseases such as diabetes.

If you are at a state leading to the development of diabetes I highly advice you to start reducing the percentage of body fat. If you develop diabetes it doesn’t mean that you can’t get rid of it and you have to be on medication for life. You can always find a safe way to lose the fat and better your health condition.

The most important here is to find safe natural fat burning products and implement them to a good healthy dietary plan by following simple nutritional guidelines.

Weight Loss Supplements For Diabetics

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