How Do Antioxidants Work

What Do Antioxidants Do?

Having better knowledge on how do antioxidants work and what do antioxidants do for you can definitely help you chose the right dietary antioxidant for yourself in order to maintain your health, improve health problems and have better body weight management.

One major endogenous antioxidant you can manipulate nutritionally is glutathione.

High intensity exercise can reduce muscle glutathione level by 30-40%, liver glutathione level by up to 80%.  After exercise, muscle and liver glutathione continues to decrease, indicating continued use of this antioxidant to combat free radical attack.

Glutathione is a great defender of muscle. You cannot prevent muscle damage and maintain training intensity without and adequate store. (Glutathione is produced by the body from cysteine and other amino acids.)

Preformed glutathione delivered to the site of free radical attack, protects the cell from injury. Body glutathione diminishes rapidly with age.  In fact the decrease in glutathione levels is so reliable; it is used as an index of human aging.

The main areas of muscle cells protected from free radicals by glutathione are the surfaces of the cell membranes.  But inside the fatty membranes where lipid peroxidation chain reaction occurs, fat soluble Vitamin E is champion.

Vitamin E breaks the chain reaction, by absorbing the free radicals to form what are called tocopherol radicals and tocopheroxyl radicals. Breaking the chain reaction quickly uses up your store of vitamin E, leaving it as so much clinker clogging the membranes.

Vitamin C occurs in the picture. Vitamin C neutralizes the tocopherol radicals and regenerates the vitamin E again, allowing it to return to the fight. This cycle uses up vitamin C rapidly (so you better an ample supply).

Vitamin C is also essential in forming collagen, the protein of the white fibers of your skin, bones, and connective tissues. With inadequate supply you skin quickly disintegrates, which happens as a first sign of scurvy.

The mineral selenium also assists. In fact, selenium helps both glutathione and vitamin E.  It forms what is called active site where glutathione destroys lipid peroxide radicals. It also acts synergistically with vitamin E to improve its free radical killing efficiency. Selenium works as an antioxidant in conjuction with Vitamin E. It forms part of an enzyme called glutathione peroxidase that destroys damaging free radicals called hydroperoxides.

Coenzyme Q10 is essential virtually for all energy production. It is intimately involved in maintaining immunity, and in normal heart function. It is a powerful antioxidant.

To do an effective antioxidant job you need adequate supply of all these nutrients.

Vitamin A is essential for vision, skin, cell grow, cell reproduction, and normal immunity.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is an amino acid referred to as a universal anti-oxidant because of its unique ability to work on both water and fat soluble toxins. Improves metabolic processes and also protects from the harmful oxidative by-products of that metabolism.

Note: According to many ORAC (Oxigen radical absorbance capacity) researches Raspberries, Acai Berry, Black Pepper (piperine) and chili peppers (capsicum) are mentioned amongst some other foods such as spinach, tomatoes and strawberries with the highest antioxidant activity.

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