How to Avoid Weight Loss Plateau

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Sunday, 11 December 2011 00:53

If you are wondering how to avoid weight loss plateau you should khow-to-avoid-weight-loss-plateaunow some of the most common mistakes people are making whilst they are trying to get rid of the excess fat.

What Causes Weight Loss Plateau?

Eating Protein (unfavorable) Along with Carbohydrates (unfavorable)

This combination creates fermentation within gastrointestinal tract which harms immune system, thus don’t mix them. Quick example is eating rice with meat. BAD!  For more details check the article Nutritional Guidelines for Americans.

Protein in your meal slows the release of carbohydrates into the bloodstream.  It helps you keep the blood sugar levels stable avoiding the dangerous ups and downs. Therefore your vital energy will stay steady all day long. Proper amount of protein intake assists any weight loss program by helping us burning the fat faster.

Avoiding Carbohydrates Completely

It’s not a secret that low carb calorie diet gives fantastic weight loss results but carbs are fuel. Cutting out carbohydrates leads to nutritious deficiency, decreases metabolic rate and slows the energy level. By slowing your metabolism you are planning to fail with your fat loss.

Try healthy carbohydrates coming from vegetables and fruits.

Often Food Cravings

Food cravings are irresistible. Craving occurs mainly when we are stressed. Snacking is important to speed up metabolism but if you got the urge for food too often try to have smart choices such as apples, homemade pop corn or handful raw almonds. Otherwise you will end up with a lot of calories intake.

If you still can’t control yourself start taking appetite suppressants such as UniqueHoodia. It will be much easier for you to fight the food craving and burn the fat fast.

Skipping Meals

Not eating all day long and then having one or two huge meals at night time is one of the most common mistakes. When you don’t eat for long hours you are putting your body into starvation mode. So in this situation our body holds off and doesn’t release the energy stored into the fat cells. It’s a natural body’s mechanism to defend itself. Not eating regularly fails any attempt to succeed losing weight.

Quick tip: Eat five to six small meals per day to keep the energy level up and your metabolic rate increased.

Consider all these mistakes listed above to avoid weight loss Plateau and you’ll make your dream being in shape true.

Finally, to break weight loss plateau you need to increase thermogenesis in your system. Take the newest and advanced thermogenic slimming pills Capsiplex Plus. They own everything your body requires to stimulate thermogenesis.

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