How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

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Monday, 04 July 2011 00:15

Why People Gain Belly Fat?

The first thing which I would like to clarify is why is so difficult to get rid of belly fat fast. Everyone is in the gym but it seems that there are not good enough belly fat exercises. We are born with curtain amount fat cells and we need them. They give us energy and protect our organs.

If  we become toxic our body will start using fatty tissue to store the toxins in. So they are not happy fat cells anymore but storage area for the waste whch our system can't remove.

But why after a while we develop this flabby giggly feeling tummy? The main reasons are overeating, wrong nutritional choices, medication and of course hormonal changes. One of the biggest factors to form so much fatty tissue around the midsection of the body is stress.

Health Risks of Belly Fat

Not all the fat is the same!

We have subcutaneous fat which is right under the skin. Simply pinch the skin and there is a kind of roll between your fingers. Now you know about subcutaneous fat. If this is the case It's very easy to lose your belly fat because it's pretty much accessible.

There is another type of belly fat which is called visceral fat. Most of the times tummy feels very hard. Visceral fat is deeper within the body wrapping the organs and limiting any supply of nutrients and oxygen to them. It’s actually right under the muscles of the belly. The most dangerous fat for your health is this one. I could just say that you are caring a bomb insight. It poisons the liver which makes bad insulin.

Having excessive amount of any fat messes your hormones up. It promotes extra production of estrogen and some other substances which inflict body’s ability to use insulin. As a result there is a risk of developing major health problems such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high blood cholesterol (metabolic syndrome) and also diabetes type 2, stroke or cancer.

Many people consider themselves in shape. They believe that there is nothing wrong if they have a little bit fat around the waistline. Unfortunately, any excess fat is a signal sent by the body to us that there is future danger insight the system waiting to explode and harm us.

How to check if you are in a mine field?

Simply measure your waistline. Get a measurement tape and place it just over the hips. Depending on the result you can see where are you sitting right now? To generalize for women 32 ½ inches or less is ideal for belly fat and for men 36 ½ inches or less.

Belly fat strips an average over 15 years away of your life!

How to Reduce Tummy Fat?

  • Detoxification is the first step to reduce tummy fat. To get rid of belly fat you need to clean your liver. Acai Berry is fantastic detox alternative. It's safe and helps you lose weight fast. Healthy liver breaks the fat down into sugar which is used by the body for energy. Sometimes could take up to six months to clean it out properly but it’s worth the effort.
Storing stomach fat is often caused by toxins. You might be surprised but when it comes to very hard and big abdomen that’s nothing else but wastes (organic toxins such as colonic waste and water).  Therefore supplementing your program with colon cleanse is a must for those of you who have this issue with their midsection. I advice you start taking DetoxPlus cleanse system to solve the problem.
  • Drink water to rehydrate your system and get the toxins out of your system. Water has to be hot.
  • Change your nutritional habits. Avoid any food which contains hormones and chemicals. Eat smal portions five times per day.


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