How to Lift Your Buttocks

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Thursday, 21 July 2011 00:24

how-to-lift-buttHow to lift your butt fast and naturally is the desire of all women who want to stay as long as it possible attractive and feminine.  A good looking butt depends on three essentials things:

  1. Strong and healthy muscles - to keep the buttocks lifted.
  2. Blood and lymph circulation - to nourish skin cells and muscles and remove toxins and fluids.
  3. Cellulite prevention – to maintain firm and toned butt with smooth and silky looking skin.

One of the sexiest parts of the body is our butt. There is always an issue when you are goiing to the next party or on the beach and seeing all these perfectly shaped buttocks. These kind of events triggers questions such as what can you do to have the same body shape and how to lift your buttocks.

When we lose weight we lose fat and sometimes muscles from the buttocks as well which is not a nice feeling especially if it is not very well shaped and it’s saggy or flat. The good news is that these are the easiest muscles to firm and tone up.

Of course we want to have proportional body you need thinner thighs along with your tight butt. best_butt_exercisesHere is the structure of the muscles so you can understand how to work it out.

If you have cellulite and stretch marks you will have to minimize them or even eliminate them in order to shape Brazilian looking butt.

Having a tighter buttocks requires couple of steps. Those steps are exercise, nutrition and detoxification.

Best Exercises to Lift Buttocks

Many of the exercises could be done at home. You don’t need to do all of them. Just pick the ones which suite you the most and you can still lift and firm your butt.

  • Cardio is for those who don’t want to build big muscle tissue. Using elliptical machine is the best workout for firming and toning glutes.
  • Spinning or cycling is another way to exercise your rears.
  • Strength training is for those who want to build more muscles. It should be done with dumbbells. Stand up, holding weights, bend your knees and lower your hip down. Get back and repeat up to 30 times. Perform 3 sets of those.
  • Squats are easy to do. Everybody knows how to do them. You can use dumbbells or a ball.
  • Walking hill or stair climbing are great and natural ways to exercise your butt.

Note: Visit the following link to learn some good butt exercises that really work.

  • Nutrition is part of any routine related with health improvement and weight loss. Follow a good dietary plan to maintain your body.
  • Detoxification is vital for keeping the cellulite away. Getting rid of cellulite will give you leaner body and firm buttocks. Don’t forget to body brush so you can keep the blood flow on a go. If you really want to shape the perfect looking butt without any stretch marks and cellulite try Slendex mousse which you can use at home.


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