How to Lose Weight by Drinking Hot Water

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Monday, 06 June 2011 10:41

For being so many years in the weight loss industry I woman-drinking-hot-waterfound out that one of the most powerful tricks to lose weight is drinking hot water.

There are many misconceptions going around about drinking water in general.

In my practice I’ve met many women who don’t like drinking plain water. They often ask me if it is possible to drink tea instead of water.  I personally don’t advice you relaying on tea.  Please don’t get offended, but I would like to ask you a question: If tea was the same as water why don’t you use it for cooking, cleaning or washing.

Tea is diuretic. When you drink only tea it will rehydrate your body.  Dehydration causes the production of mucus within your body. So, you will need water to compensate the loss of fluids and avoid health problems. If you are aiming weight loss you may supplement your program with herbal slimming tea but don’t forget to drink water.

What is Better - Cold or Hot Water

If you drink cold water what happens is that is destroying the enzymes in your digestive system. It's bad for the heart, too. Cold water puts big pressure over the heart muscle. If you wash oily dishes do you use cold water or hot? I bet you use hot. Why? Simple,  hot water cleanses better.

The next question is how much water you should drink daily:The amount of water should be according to the size of your body. Divide your body weight by two and you will know the necessary amount of water in ounces.You can't pour the same amount of water in a smaller glass as bigger one. It's too much!

Bigger amount of water can actually wash the minerals out of your body. You don't want to do this to yourself, is it?

There is another thing - if you don't drink enough water your kidneys stop working on their optimum level. In this situation the liver is the one which takes over. Here is the problem - your liver is the only organ which breaks fat. When the liver is overworked it slows processing fat. So, what your body will do is to store this fat. At the end we'll find ourselves over weight.

When Sould I Drink Water

During the night insight your body is collected good amount of toxins. This is the reason why when you wake up you start flashing toxins through all of your systems out. By drinking hot water in the morning you will help your body coping with these toxins faster and better. Make sure to drink hot water before your breakfast. The digestive system will be ready for fresh nutrients without having to absorb all the trash in.

Drinking hot water is fantastic tip for people who are struggling with constipation. Sluggish body doesn't metabolize properly. It's definitely affecting your hard efforts to lose weight. You might be interested to know that icy water slows metabolism down. Once the cold water is in stomach It takes at least least 20 minutes for your digestive system to reach it's normal temperature. Then digestion starts.

Another great benefit of drinking hot water is about your skin. When your body is clean internally and re-hydrated the elasticity of the skin is improved and the skin starts glowing.

The way I like my water is just plain hot water. But it's a good idea to have it with lemon. Lemon is an antioxidant and alkalizes your body. The problem is that if the water too hot the whole amount of vitamin C will be gone. So, be aware.

Of course, drinking water is an other way to suppress your appetite. Makes you feel the stomach full. You can even combine this new tip with some natural weight loss dietary supplements like Proactol Plus.

Drinking hot water will speed up your weight loss. Start implementing this simple trick now and you will feel the difference instantly. After all, the only thing which we want is to burn fat faster and benefit our health. Well, just drink hot water.


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