How to Stop Emotional Eating

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Thursday, 24 May 2012 23:14

How to stop emotional eating becomes major issue woman-emotional-eatingespecially for women in their 40’s. It seems that female’s physiology and biochemistry is more prone to get affected by food related concerns such as greater appetite and constant battle with weight gain.

Stopping emotional eating could fail if you don’t analyze what triggers in your life this kind of behavior.  Very often the roots of emotional eating are hidden in our childhood when your mom was giving you dipped in honey pacifier. You might have been used some similar tricks to your children to make them stop crying and calm them down.

Subconsciously, every time we have problem we are turning our eyes towards food for salvation. It’s quite temporary solution with harmful effect over our body weight and health.  The problem is that we can’t lock the emotions up but we can always convert them to something creative rather than punishing ourselves by huge amount of food intake.

Overeating could be controlled easily if it is not a deep psychological issue. It’s a matter of desire and some time to take charge of your life and make it different.

Ways to Stop Emotional Eating

  • Social activity is vital for those men and women who are feeling depressed and lonely. Depression makes us avoid being around people and start ignoring our outlook.  It's advisable to find something to do outside of your home at least twice a week.
  • Keep yourself busy or find some new hobby. It might be dance lessons or painting.  It could be anything but make sure that it’s shared with other people. Being social helps you thinking about your body and become more cautious while eating.
  • Relaxation is a must for those who are struggling to control eating. Listening to relaxing music, yoga and meditation assist us feeling ourselves as a valuable part of life and learn how to improve our lifestyle overall.
  • Avoid eating alone. This is a great tip which will make you feel uncomfortable when consuming too much food in front of others.  Therefore helps you discipline yourself better.
  • Exercise to stimulate the production of hormones which act in your brain to decrease appetite, balance energy levels and improve your mood. Also, these hormones reduce fat storages by inducing thermogenesis. Aerobic exercise is scientifically proven to affect positively the psychological health especially in obese women who are over 40 years old.
  • Take dietary supplements. It will assist you suppress hunger, minimize the intake of carbs, balance your hormones and improve mood swings.

What Food Fight Emotional Eating

While in stress most of the people are craving sweets. Stay way of them and try not buying any candies to avoid temptations.  Keep the food far away from your eyes. Good foods to fight emotional eating are vegetable salads without dressing, non salty pop corn, apples and raw almonds. These should be your preferable treats when you feel carb craving urges.

Supplements to Stop Emotional Eating

Try Capsiplex PLUS. It could make significant difference to your body shape and mood. Capsiplex PLUS assists any weight loss program by increasing the release of serotonin hormone.  By implementing 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) in a single pill Capsiplex PLUS provides all we need to solve stress related concerns.

5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is amino acid which is extracted from African tree. It’s clinically proven to reduce anxiety, enhance mood, relief tension and improve sleep.  By delivering appetite suppression naturally Capsiplex PLUS is a great option for those who can’t stop emotional eating.

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