Losing Baby Weight

Losing baby weight could be a challenge for those moms who just gavelosing-baby-weight birth to a beautiful baby. Now we are back to reality with all these responsibilities for the new born child and the rest of the family. Suddenly all the previous priorities are turned to another direction.

Having a baby is 24/7 full time job. It doesn’t stop. But here is the most important: you can’t wait for the baby to grow up and then losing baby weight. You will need to lose weight fast right after giving birth to avoid the accumulation of body fat over the time.

Many women are afraid to start any weight loss program because of breast feeding. There is nothing to worry about if you have proper nutrition and balanced dietary plan.

The question is what is so different with weight loss if you weren’t pregnant. There is a big difference. During pregnancy the abdominal muscles are stretched and once the baby is out we are left with a roll of belly fat and flabby skin.

The other reason for gaining weight during pregnancy is the increased amount of estrogen. This leads to the production of more fat cells.

In some women the stomach muscles are so stretched that they never get back to the pre pregnancy shape. But fat is all the same.  You just have to make sure that the food you eat will not harm you or the baby.

The good news: researches show that while breastfeeding women lose 500 grams fat per day.

Diet and nutrition are the fundament for losing tummy fat successfully. You will need to rebuild lean healthy muscle tissue and supply all vital nutrients to your body due to the loss of minerals while you’ve been pregnant.

That’s why adding natural supplements is crucial especially if you are breast feeding without having any side effects such as constipation or poor nutrition. They will help you increase metabolism and balance your hormones.

Exercising is a must if you really want to get back in shape. Pilates is the greatest way to strengthen your stomach muscles, burn calories and get your flexibility back.

Squats are fun to do holding your baby. Hold your baby at the side and perform 30 squats then swap sides to even it up. Gluts are big muscles and they require more blood flow, so while doing squats you burn more calories.

Concentrate on large muscle groups for losing baby weight easily. It takes a lot of energy so overall you are going to burn body fat.

Quick Plan for Losing Baby Fat

  • Drink water. Drink hot water to flush toxins out. Put a slice of lemon in it for better taste and try drinking a glass of water before your breakfast. The amount of water should be 1½ - 2lbs per day.
  • Eat often 4 – 5 times per day. Eat small amount of food. The more often you snack the more your metabolism is increasing.
  • Eat raw fruits and vegetables.  If you cook them all the vitamins are getting destroyed.
  • Avoid junk food and sugary drinks. Focus on almonds, pop corn (without butter and salt) and fresh fruit juices and green tea.
  • Breastfeed if possible! Helps you burn more calories.
  • Exercise or go for walk with the baby for at least 1hr per day.

If it happens that you can’t follow this quick plan for losing baby fat try Capsiplex slimming supplement. Read the story of the stunning model Nicola Mclean; how she successfully has managed to get rid of the baby weight by using Capsiplex.

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