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Losing weight after hysterectomy has losing-weight-after-hysterectomybecome a major issue amongst a big percentage of women who had to face this surgery. It’s a big shock for all these women which could lead to irreversible physical and mental changes. Some of the consequences are bigger amount of fatty tissue in abdominal area, early menopause and depression.

The questions are how to control weight gain after hysterectomy and what supplements decrease fat deposits. Clinical researches show over 20% raise of Body Mass Index (BMI) in women after the surgery.  The first 12 months after removing overies and uterie are crucial for preventing obesity and health related problems.

Also, women who have had abdominal hysterectomy gain more weight compared to those who have had other types of surgical intervention. They are not so physically active due to the prolonged time for recovery which leads to increased body fat percentage.

Some of you might say that you have the same eating habits as before but the pounds go up. Simply said, as a result of limited strenuous exercise your body stores the energy from the food you eat when this energy is not used.

In this article I’ll give you some key tips to help you get over this event of your life and gain your self-confidence back.

Losing weight after hysterectomy tip #1: Avoid Chronic Stress

Don’t stress yourself out. Stress can cause weight gain. While in stress our body produces hormone cortisol. Prolonged secretion of cortisol could cause a lot of problems with your weight and health.  Cortisol increases blood sugar and suppresses immune system.

Losing weight after hysterectomy tip #2: Start Strength Training

It takes around 8 weeks to recover after hysterectomy. Afterwards you can start with the weights. Strength training will help you build more muscles. Don’t be afraid that you’ll become bulky like a man. It doesn’t happen so easy. You don’t have the amount of testosterone which could bulk you up. Strength training will assist you in increasing metabolism and losing weight faster.

Losing weight after hysterectomy tip #3: Practice Yoga

Practicing yoga after hysterectomy is the easiest way to rebalance your body. You will need 10 – 15 minutes per day to regain your strength and flexibility. Some of the common problems after hysterectomy are constipation, hormonal changes and cramps. All these breathing exercises and different postures of yoga will effect in a positive way your hormonal system and digestive tract which are crucial for any weight loss plan.

Losing weight after hysterectomy tip #4: Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises are very important to keep your body in shape. They are metabolic booster and make you produce endorphins. Endorphins will keep the feminine look of your skin they will strengthen your immune system. Great aerobic exercise is jumping rope or you can just practice jogging. 30 -35 minutes per day is enough to burn your calories off and keep your energy levels high.

Losing weight after hysterectomy tip #5: Watch your Calorie Intake

You might have some hormonal changes after the surgery. Therefore your metabolism will decrease. That’s why you need to control your calorie intake. Try to avoid overeating.  Due to the hormonal imbalance you might crave some salty and sugary food.  So, watch for these to avoid congestion and weight gain. Another good tip is to read the labels of the food you buy.

Losing weight after hysterectomy tip #6: Do Colon Cleanse and Body Detox

Major reason for getting on the surgeons table is developing endometriosis. It’s not a secret that endometrial cells are caused by weak immune system.  If you truly want to avoid future complications you should consider detoxification. Shortly there is no way for us to develop any bad cells if we keep our blood with proper ph level that keeps the acidity away.

And when it comes to weak immune system those women who have had hysterectomy should focus on eating rich in antioxidants foods; berries from acai palm tree, raspberries, garlic, and cocoa will support you while losing weight and protect you from developing dysfunctional fat cells.Those fat cells don’t respond to anything, they just have their own life that increases obesity and hinder your weight loss efforts.

Taking antioxidants will provide you with healthy digestive system along with well functioning intestines and liver that can break dietary fats easier. Also, antioxidants fight aging, depression and more importantly cancer. Remember, hysterectomy is gone but the reasons might be still there. Keep your body at its highest possible healthy state. This includes avoiding weight gain and removing everything that can trigger future cell’s craziness and hormonal imbalance.

Very often after hysterectomy women have problems with regular bowel movements. The anesthetics used during the surgery literally paralyze the intestinal muscles. They become very lazy for many months which is causing bloating and chronic constipation. To avoid building up colonic toxic waste colon cleansing is a must. You can do it naturally by using DetoxPlus system.

Losing weight after hysterectomy tip #7: Take Weight Loss Dietary Supplements

Excessive bleeding prior hysterectomy leads to the loss of massive amount of essential minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium. As a result we can develop anemia, osteoporosis, low energy and some emotional problems due to mineral balance disturbance.

Supplementing your fat loss program with relevant diet pills that are rich in minerals is important for successful weight loss. Thus, you may look for high quality and proven to work natural supplements that provide not only shedding pounds quickly, but deliver nutritious value to your body.

Additionally, you should take care of the weakened immune system after hysterectomy by taking antioxidants and vitamins which is difficult without the help of food supplements. Furthermore, studies state that antioxidants aid the breakdown of stubborn belly fat and increase metabolism. Search for pills that contain capsicum, caffeine, polyphenols, vitamin C and resveratrol.

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The decrease of estrogen changes the way we accumulate fat. Most of this fat goes to the abdominal area, hips, thighs and upper arms. There are great organic dietary supplements out there that will make your weight loss faster and easier. The most credible weight loss pill is Phen375 - a fat burner which has the ability to help you burn fat rather than lean tissue and delivers natural flow of energy to your body.

Apart of weight gain hysterectomy may impact quality of life and alleviated sexual drive. Specialists say that it’s more psychological but it does matter for women. So, if you experience some difficulties Phen375 can assist you improve your sexual health along with fat burn.

Phen375 also helps you balance your hormones, suppress appetite, decrease calorie intake and boost metabolism; all we need to break weight loss plateau after hysterectomy.

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