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Sunday, 04 September 2011 21:21

When it comes to weight loss there are always at least two times in our life to face it. Nearly 95% of all people trying to burn that fat off fail. There are many reasons for failing such as health conditions like hormonal imbalance or wrong approach. One of the reasons is the luck of proper management. The other problem is that the diet you are following might be non-healthy and the results are temporary.

Weight loss industry is very tempting for many corporations which are gaining huge income by offering diet food delivery claiming that this is the best new healthy dietary plan. It seems pretty successful way for them to grow their business but the customers are not succeeding so much.

These corporations have to produce big amounts of food for selling in order to keep it cheap and the quality is definitely lower. It’s easy for the clients, looks convenient but doesn’t cover the main goal: Safe weight loss plan.

I’ve just saw a very interesting diet program for the price of $79 on a website. They claim that you will never need to fill the hunger with salads and there is a picture with cookies on it. I am sorry but no one can have healthy weight loss without salads and by eating cookies.

Here are my personal recommendations for safe weight loss plan.

  • Set yourself goals. Find something which inspires you always. A short-term goal like fitting in you new pair of jeans doesn’t work. Find a goal which keeps you moving for the whole life of yours. If you feel aged that’s a good motivation to age gracefully and keep the spark in your eyes.
  • Get yourself a food diary. Start writing everything you eat and the time you eat. By using that journal you’ll be able to get the real picture of your eating habits and easily discover all the weak spots in your diet such as food cravings and frequency of eating.
  • Read the labels when buying food. You’ll be surprised but the most common ingredient in the American food is corn. U.S. consumption of corn flour has increased by 150% since 70s.

Corn is used as high fructose corn syrup, it’s utilized for thickening, stiffening or gluing agent. You will find it in cereals, soft drinks, snack foods, bottled oil, pasta, bread, baby foods, and meat products, just everywhere. It’s a major ingredient. What is the reason for that? – It’s cheap.

  • Buy quality food. Organic food isn’t that cheap but sooner or later we pay higher price for choosing poor quality food. Better natural ingredients in my plate rather to support my body by taking bunch of synthetic pills prescribed by the doctor.
  • Cook your food by yourself. You will know every single ingredient in your meal. Ingredients matter!
  • Start chewing your food thoroughly. Chew each bite at least 30 times. It gives your stomach time to produce the enzymes needed for proper metabolism and you can actually enjoy every bite
  • Stop eating before you feel full. It takes 5 to 10 minutes for your body to receive the signal “that’s enough”.
  • Don't rush with your targeted weght. Fast results are temporary and you will lose mainly water and muscles but not fat. Think about maximum of two ponds loss weekly.
  • Take natural weight loss dietary supplements such as Phen375 to assist you in increasing metabolism, balancing your hormones and burn fat faster.
Remember: It doesn't matter which diet program you will choose, as long as it is healthy, enjoyable and safe weight loss plan which gives you long-term result.
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