The Old Mom’s Recipe to Stay Fit

Written by Veneta   
Monday, 18 July 2011 17:36

How to Stay Fit and Feel Attractive by Using Your Mom's Recipe

I don’t know about you but I remember my mom’s recipes very well. I am recalling the time when all of us were gathering together around the table waiting for the hot plate. I did not realize for a long time what we’ve lost over the years by having these new commercial colorful packages of food with weird numbers and text written on them.

Most of the people don’t even know what’s written there. And the more text it has on the labels of the food the more cautious they should be about the nutritional quality this food contains. It seems easy for us to get supply of whatever we need on a daily basis but it’s actually not healthy.

People like easy and fast weight loss. The easiest way to lose weight is to create different lifestyle and maintaining all these newly established nutritional habits and exercises. It takes some time for adjustment to something new and getting off of the comfort zone.

Once you get used to this lifestyle everything becomes part of your nature. You don’t even think about this. That’s the magic of having fit and well shaped attractive body.

It should be a habit for you to look good. Do it for yourself. It doesn’t matter where you are just keeping your outfit neat makes you feel good. When you feel good you simply look good.

Now I would like to go back to my mom’s recipes.  There was something like a ritual. We were chewing the food slowly and repeatedly. We did not talk so much like now days.

Talking on the phone or doing something else while you are eating is destructing your digestive system from working properly and messes the hormones up. No wonder why people are gaining weight even if they eat the right things.

Where is the fresh salad or homemade tasty dish? We had every single time a big bowl of vegetable sallad. Great natural supply of fibers, minerals and vitamins.

Do you remember that there was always soup on the table? The funniest thing is that we had a desert which is some fruits or sugary cookies. And again nobody was complaining about his/her weight or feeling fat.

We did not have to read books for different diets or how to lose weight fast because we did not need them.  Nobody knew anything about calories, fat burners or fat binders.

What about exercise? Did you move around because you believe you are fat? No. We were simply living different way of life. We've been palying games, skipping rope and we'been staying outside for long hours. It’s gone. Now we have to exercise, we have to watch calories, we have to take dietary supplements and we have to know more about nutrition and detoxification.

Have you ever been forced to drink water? I bet no.  I was drinking tab water and this water was fresh, clean and tasty. Not anymore.  Now we buy water in plastic bottles and of course we have filters.

Big challenge don’t you think? Weight loss industry becomes #1 market because it’s related to our wellbeing, relationships, health and life.

This is the reason why I have chosen it. Everybody is involved. It’s a lifestyle requirement.

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