Weight Loss Myths and Facts

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Common Weight Loss Myths You Should Avoid

weight-loss-mythsCommon weight loss myths are spreading among dieters like a virus. Whether you are young or older, men or woman you still need to have knowledge about these myths to avoid getting misled by so-called “professionals” from around the web.

Many people want to get rid of the excess fat at any price without considering how safe their weight loss plan is. The only thing which they are looking for is fast result. Very often these fast results are simply temporary and the consequences for our health could be life threatening.

That's why I decided to give you a brief overview of some popular misconceptions and weight loss myths:


Myth: Cutting Completely Carbohydrates and Fats

Facts: Both, fats and carbohydrates are essential for healthy working body system. Carbohydrates are main source of fuel for proper metabolism and studies show that carbs provide short-term energy compared to fats.

Carbs are vital for our blood by preventing blood clotting. Fats are taking big part of building brain cells and lubricating our joints. Fats play key role in hair growth and maintaining healthy skin as well.

Note, that overeating of dietary carbs and fats without physical activity may cause passive overconcumption. The excess energy received from carbohydrates and fats should be released through exercise. Otherwise it turns to fat deposits.

Myth: Intensive Exercising

Facts: Another mistake people are doing is working out like they are going to participate in the Olympic Games. Exercising is important but if you overdo it your body is producing too much cortisol, adrenaline and lactic acid. Those substances become toxic and set the pH level of your blood to acidic condition.

When our body is acidic its natural reaction is to try neutralizing the acidity by retaining water and draining minerals such as calcium (calcium is alkaline) from your bone system. As a result of this we could develop water retention, hormonal imbalance, hair loss and joint problems and many other health related concerns.

Also, toxic bio waste from exercising gets stored in fat cells such as those in abdominal area. Fat cells are growing and they are difficult to eliminate. As you know human beings body doesn’t burn toxins.

Myth: Resistant Training Burns More Fat Than Cardio Training

Facts: Not true! Both trainings are beneficial for health and increase fat burn. The only difference is that cardio training is more effective for reducing visceral fat and fatty liver. (Div. of Cardiology, Dept. of Medicine, PO Box 3022, Duke Univ. Medical Center, Durham, NC 27710, USA)

Another study was done in Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina, USA. The results show that aerobic training improves metabolic syndrome and resistant training alone did not provide this effect. Cardio exercise is also great for the heart, fights fatigue and decreases bone loss. 

Resistant training builds more lean muscles which helps you burn calories and respectively fat. It is recommnded for middle-aged, overweight men and women. A combination of cardio training with resistance training delivers significant reducement of belly fat and leads to weight loss. (School of Public Health, Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia, Australia)

Myth: Drinking Excessive Amount of Water

Facts: And here is one pretty common mistake which people do: They drink enormous quantity of water. Water should be just enough to rehydtrate our body or replace to some degree the fluids that are lost during intensive exercise.

But…a 100% water replacement is a big misconception. It causes over-hydration and may flush valuable minerals out of your body which could cause heart problems and loss of bone density. Studies are clear that there is no weight loss induced by drinking excessive amount of water. (ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1872071/)

Note: Normal water intake does help in supporting naturally metabolic activity.

Myth: Weight Loss Supplements Don't Work

Facts: The truth is that there are highly effective weight loss supplements and diet pills that are recognized as medical devises. Those are herbal products and dietary supplements that are approved by the medical comunity.

Note: Avoid taking cheap weight loss supplements that don't provide health enhancement and are made from poor quality ingredients.

Very often you will find products with the same title but the content is wrong. Greedy manifacturers are using the name of some hot selling pills to make quick cash. Furthermore, avoid getting trapped into the "free samples" trick when ordering supplements. They don't have the quality you are looking for. Behind "free samples" is hiding commercial interest.

Typical example is Raspberry Ketone.To my knowledge the most effective and natural  Ketone's pill is Raspberry Ketone Plus. Do you think that a supplement with the price of two cups of coffee can help you to get rid of the excess fat?! Look for proven to work natural weight loss supplements with all quality assurance certificates and satisfied costomers.

These are just the most common mistakes which you should be aware of. If you start avoiding them you'll make a significant and positive impact over your health and body shape and design a good and safe weight loss plan with permanent results.

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