What are the Effects of Excess Weight?

Written by Veneta   
Tuesday, 05 July 2011 18:24

Losing weight is one of the biggest problems for most of the people in our century. There is a very interesting statistic for me: Over weight world population is more than the people who are underweight. How do you look and feel is vital in order to be on track in this dynamic world and live a quality lifestyle.

If your mates invite you for sun bathing on the beach, swimming, dancing or just hiking and you reject all of these activities, what does is mean? It means that you are not happy with your body because you are over weight. No offence but this is the truth. Do you really live your life if you can't do simple things like these? You know the answer better than anybody else.

How does your excess body weight affect your life?

  • Health - It could be high cholesterol, could be varicose veins, cancer, diabetes or some heart condition.
  • Energy - 24/7 low energy level.
  • Sexuality - Low libido. When we feel unattractive we can't relax and enjoy ourselves.
  • Self confidence - Your appearance stops from being yourself.
  • Excess fat makes us sweat more.
  • Physical activity - It's not possible when you are so heavy. It's actually dangers for your heart and joints. Fashion - It's difficult to wear the clothes you would like to.
  • Mental health - Your mind is always there when you see your over weight body at the mirror. It causes depression. Makes you hate this excess fat along with your own body.

It doesn't matter how successful is your business if your body appearance makes you feel miserable.

I met a person from Egypt who was very wealthy. He wanted to lose weight so bad, but his attitude was wrong. He thought he can pay for some treatments and after one week he will be slim. Unfortunately he did not succeed.

You can't achive weight loss result without changing anything in your life. Losing weight is like anything else  in life. It needs a big push, especially at the beginning. It requires commitment and time. You might have to get a gym membership and start taking some good weight loss dietary supplements .

Here is the thing about commitment - whatever you start with, stick with it. Do you think now how easy is for me to talk like that? I bet, yes. I do have my own challenges and I know the price of any effort in my life. I could just say that you should love your challenge which is your over weight body.

Losing weight shoudn't be a dream but reality! There are great tips out there and valuable information on nutrients and fat burning exercises which you could put together and create a good safe weight loss plan for yourself.

Love your body, be passionate and work on it every day. It will change for better. The result will be well-deserved. Finally, It's not about the weight it's about using food as a substitute to all the other things in our life.

If you are experiencin the negative effects of excess weight and you are looking for safe and natural fat burner I highly advice you to take Phen375.

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