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In 1993 my life completely changed. I started working with one of the world’s largest companies in the weight loss industry. Since this time my passion had never stopped about helping others reaching their dream to lose weight.

The inspiration was guiding me through the years. I met thousands of people asking me for help. Every time when I was following them up I was amazed from the tremendeous result which they had just because they were following my advices.

I’ve been learning about nutrition and weight loss directly from Mark Hughes (The founder of Herbalife Intl.), Dr. David Katzin, Heather Livingston (Nutritionist to the NBA, FIBA, ABL, ABC, IHL and numerous Olympic athletes) and many other big names in weight loss and health industry.

about2During my journey I met Jim Rohn, the best personal‘s development philosopher in our century. He was the one who made me keep going in the weight loss field. The feeling of satisfaction was fantastic…

Just to know that you are the one who is leading men and women towards their happiness. It’s great to hear: “You changed my life! I have new body, new man in my life and new job! Thank you so much!”

This was a breakthrough! I thought myself that I really have something to give. The more people were losing weight because of me, the more inspiration I got. Then I started working as detox specialist.

about3Maybe, you were one of my costumers. Why do I think so?! Because I was giving seminars about weight loss and detoxification almost 10 years on the biggest cruise ships. You were sharing with me your pain about your body apperiance. Many of you were asking me to write a book. I will write it.

Right now I want to reveal all the healthy weight loss solutions which I know: how to lose weight with long-term result, the best slimming pills, how to reduce cellulite, which are the best exercises to burn belly fat and how to detox your body.

I can’t preach if I don’t practice it. So, over the years I transformed my body shape to a level which I am really happy with. 

One thing I would like to mention, it’s very important to help yourself with certain dietary supplements. But they don’t work without you implementing some new habits in your life in order to achieve your perfect body shape and health.


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