Stop Weight Gain During Menopause

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Once in her life every woman faces the challenges caused by menopause.  how-to-stop-weight-gain-during-menopauseOne of them is weight gain which triggers the question how to stop it. Sometimes it seems that it happens over night.  We are looking at the most recent picture and what we see is a complete stranger on the photo.

The eyes and the corners of the lips have been just dropped. That’s o.k. but what happened to the body?! Why we are gaining weight on areas which we’ve never had any problems with?

It’s called menopause, the process which releases female’s body from all those functions that serve giving birth to a new baby.  Mother Nature stops this ability usually amongst women after 40.

What Are The Symptoms of Menopause?

It makes me laugh when I see some people numbering these symptoms. I believe that you don’t really want to know how many they are. The only things that matter are how to recognize the main premenopausal signs, how to slow the process down and how to prevent weight gain.

Common signals for the coming ‘event’ are change of sleeping pattern,  night sweating, dry skin, dry hair, mood swings, inability to focus on simple tasks,  headaches, depression, heavy bleeding during menstruation, skipping periods or light bleeding and the BIG ONE…easily stored fat deposits in the midsection and difficulties to get rid of it.

Menopause is shifting the estrogen away which is followed by entire rearrangements within our system including the places where we store unwanted fat.

How Menopause Causes Weight Gain?

Estrogen: Due to early menopause, hysterectomy or naturally occurring menopause our ovaries don’t produce enough estrogen.  To compensate the lack of this hormone the body is turning to its fat storages that can release it. The problem is that we need more fat to produce more estrogen. That’s why instead of converting this fat into energy fuel our body system is creating bigger amount of fat deposits.

Testosteron: Testosteron is the male hormone which is designed to utilize the calories for the creation of muscle tissue.  All we know that the more muscle we have the more calories we burn but over the time we produce less amount of this hormone which inhibits metabolism.  Now we eat the same amount of calories as before without burning them on time. The result is more pounds put on the belly.

These are just two of many other hormones such as Androgenic hormone and progesterone which are directly linked to our physical and mental health.  In other words they change the whole game body wise: slow metabolism, less lean muscles, depression and the elevated ability to store fat.

Tips on How to Control Weight Gain During Menopause

When menopause hits you up you should know that the immune system goes down.  Along with the growing abdomen there is bigger risk to develop life threatening health problems such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and osteoporosis and thyroid issues.

  • To stop putting the pounds on requires changing of your lifestyle overall.  Smoking and drinking should be reduced or even eliminated. They don’t help you coping with the problems which are related with this stage of your life.
  • Reduce the calories you’ve been eating till this moment – a good start is to cut around 200 calories off daily. Having insomnia drives us to the fridge at night time. Consider smarter choices such as apples and carrots while feeling hungry.
  • Adjust your diet according to the new circumstances and all hormonal changes. Consume food with nutritious value through avoiding sugar, salt, meat and junk food. Don’t forget to often and smaller portions.
  • Be active. Physical activity such as walking, strength training and yoga will induce your metabolic rate, improve bone density and flexibility and enhance your mood.
  • Supplements and protein shakes are a must. They will help balance your hormones and provide vitally important nutrients to your body. Look for products that contain calcium and antioxidants, natural appetite suppressors and components that boost metabolism such as capsicum (extract from chilies).
  • Women are often confused what is the best weight loss pill to stop weight gain during menopause. Beleiving that diet pills are just for weight management is wrong. There are exellent weight loss supplements for women lately which deliver all you need to lose weight and enhance your health at the same time. (Find out which product could suite you needs by visiting the link above)

What Supplement Can Help You Lose Weight During Menopause?

There is no doubt for me that the most powerful supplement for losing weight during menopause is Phen375.  It helps you getting over common concerns related to menopause such as hormonal imbalance, loss of bone density, lack of sleep, lower sex drive, stubborn areas to lose weight, food craving, low energy, slow metabolism and decrease of muscle tissue.


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