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Capsiplex Friquently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: Does Capsiplex really work?capsiplex-news

A: Yes. Capsiplex is clinically proven to work and has very detailed medical studies.

Q: What is the difference between Capsiplex and Capsiplex PLUS and which is better to take?

A: Capsiplex PLUS (visit the link to learn more details) is the advanced formulation of Capsiplex. Capsiplex PLUS contains Bioperine which assists the absorption of active ingredients in order to stimulate thermogenesis.

The other difference is the presence of 5-hydroxitryptophan (5-HTP) which improves significantly your sleep, mood, anxiety and stress level.  5-HTP helps you dealing with food craving.

Q: Is Capsiplex safe?

A: Yes. Capsiplex has gone through many clinical trials and has tremendous amount of costumers who keep coming back for more and do recommend the product to their friends.

Q: Is Capsiplex for men?

A: Yes. You might have the impression that Capsiplex is only for women, but this is because most of the people who are looking for weight loss supplements are women. In fact, Jim Carrey is a big fan of Capsiplex PLUS.

Q: Has anybody used Capsiplex?

A: There are many testimonials given by customers including celebrities such as Roxanne Pallett, Nicola Mclean, Britney Spears, Kelly Osbourne, Brad Pitt, J Lo and many others Hollywood stars who endorsed Capsiplex.

Q: Can I take Capsiplex while breastfeeding?

A: If you are so eager to lose weight better take Tava Tea. The other thing which you can do is to wait till you stop nursing.  There are not known side effects but for the sake of the child don’t experiment.

Q: Is Capsiplex FDA approved?

A: Capsiplex doesn’t need to be FDA approved. It’s a dietary supplement not a prescription drug.

Q: Can I take Capsiplex while pregnant?

A: No. My advice is to avoid taking any supplements during pregnancy which are not prescribed by your doctor. Even if there are not known side effects from Capsiplex I do advice you to talk to your physician before taking it.

Q: Can I take Capsiplex with Resveratrol?

A: Capsiplex doesn't interfere with Resveratrol. It's naturally based substance and you shouldn't be afraid to take it with Resveratrol which is known to prevent cancer with its antioxidant properties, increases longevity and inhibits risk of heart diseases.

Q: Can I take Capsiplex while on contraceptive pills?

A: Yes. Capsiplex doesn’t interfere with contraceptive tablets or patches. It's pretty much the same if you eat chili peppers and you are on contraceptive pills.

Q: Can I take Capsiplex while on thyroid medication?

A: Yes. Capsiplex is safe for those of you who are taking Thyroxine (thyroid hormone).

Q: Can I take Capsiplex if I have diabetes?

A: Yes, Capsiplex is absolutely safe for diabetics. Capsicum in Capsiplex reduces blood sugar. There are researches that have been done in Toronto, Canada and they provide significant results in preventing from developing Type 1 diabetes.

Q: Can I take Capsiplex if I have heart condition?

A: For your safety, It is recommended to consult with your doctor before taking it. Just to let you know, Capsicum (chili peppers) is clinically studied and proven to reduce LDL cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Q: Can I take Capsiplex with alcohol or while drinking?

A: Yes. Capsiplex is based on chilies but it doesn’t make any sense to drink alcohol while trying to improve your body weight and health. Alcohol is high calorie drink. However, Capsiplex is a food supplement and doesn't interfere with alcohol.

Q: Can Capsiplex cause diarhea?

A: No. I am thinking about all those celebrties who take Capsiplex if this was the case. According to al reviews and clinical researches done by the manufacturer including customers’ testimonials there is no such side effect as diarhea. Capsaicin reduces fat intake and promotes satiety. So, I could say that both Capsiplex supplements may comfort your stomach and stimulate weight loss.

Q: Can a child take Capsiplex?

A: If the child is over 16 years old then the answer is yes. I’ve been giving to my son supplements when he was younger but not Capsiplex. It depends how old is the child and better talk to your GP when the child is under 16 years old if you consider giving Capsiplex.

Q: Do I have to be on a diet while taking Capsiplex?

A: Not really. I wouldn’t call it diet. If you want to lose weight you will need to change your nutritional habits in order to avoid getting back right there where you came from.  The reasons for us to gain weight are bad choices of food and drinks and lack of any physical activity. Well, if you would like to change your body you should change your lifestyle.

Q: What are the ingredients of Capsiplex?

A: They are 100% natural ingredients.  You will find in Capsiplex Piperine, Capsicum extract, Niacin (vitamin B3), Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and tiny amount of Caffeine to help you breakdown fat deposits and stimulate metabolism.

Q: How to take Capsiplex?

A: Take one red capsule of Capsiplex before breakfast - once a day with glass of water. For better results you should take it 30 to 60 minutes before exercise.

Take one blue capsule of Capsiplex 5HTP Pro on empty stomach with glass of water - once per day!

Q: Are there any side effects from taking Capsiplex?

A: Capsiplex isn't right for vegetarians or vegans. It contains gelatin.

Q: How long does it take to see results from taking Capsiplex?

A: It depends on how many pounds do you need to lose. An average is 3 to 4 days after starting your Capsiplex pills. The good news is that Capsiplex is excellent choice for those of you who want to induce your metabolism.

Q: How many pounds can I lose with Capsiplex?

A: You can expect to lose up to 4lbs in your first week. Afterwards you will lose between 1lbs – 2lbs per week. You shouldn’t worry so much about the weight. The best way to lose excess fat is when you lose inches.

Q: Where can I buy Capsiplex for cheaper and are there any discounts?

A: Capsiplex provides up to 45% discounts depending on the amount purchased by you. There are great options offered to choose from.

  • One bottle is $48.13 (£29.99).
  • Two bottles are $86.64
  • Three bottles are $144.40 and you will receive additional 1 free bottle.
  • Five months are $240.67 plus 2 additional bottles for free. You will get for this price 7 months supply of Capsiplex.

Note: Capsiplex PLUS has the same promotionts and discounts but with different prices.

Q: Where can I buy Capsiplex or Capsiplex PLUS supplement?

A: You can buy Capsiplex directly from the official website of Capsiplex supplement. There are 4 currencies available and translation in 5 languages.

Note: All these questions and answers (apart from the prices) are valid for the advanced formulation called Capsiplex Sport.

Buy Capsiplex or Capsiplex Sport Now and Enjoy The New YOU!

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