Glucomannan FAQs

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Friday, 26 October 2012 23:47

Q: Does glucomannan really help you lose weight?nuratrim-product

A: Glucomannan (read details) has been consumed in different forms since the time the human beings discovered its properties. Clinical studies provide clear weight loss results in those who have been tested. (Rush University College of Nursing, Chicago)

Q: Does glucomannan really work?

A: Glucomannan decreases carbohydrate and fat absorption. Glucomannan is one of the most viscose dietary fibers known to scientists.  It works perfectly for overweight people with health concerns such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes type 2.

Q: Does glucomannan really trap calories?

A: Yes, Glucomannan reduces 25% of the calories you eat. Glucomannan increases its volume by 200 times.  So, you can imagine how Konjac extract may create feeling of satiety in your stomach.

Q: Does glucomannan cause bloating?

A: You can experience some bloating only if you exceed the quantity of dietary fiber.

Q: Does glucomannan cause constipation?

A: Glucomannan is highly effective for preventing constipation. Like any other fiber it thickens the stool if not taken with sufficient amount of water.

Q: Does glucomannan lower cholesterol?

A: Studies show significant improvements in lowering cholesterol levels by using glucomannan.

Q: Where does glucomannan come from?

A: It comes from Asia; it is extracted from Konjac root. Asians are using Glucomannan as herbal remedy in foods such as noodles and tofu.

Q: What does glucomannan do for the body?

A: Helps in weight loss and assists in fighting obesity. Glucomannan is highly recommended for men and women who are struggling with type 2 diabetes. It is fermentable soluble fiber that is used in treating diabetes and insulin resistance syndrome.

Q: Does glucomannan have any side effects?

A: Some consumers may experience mild side effects such as flatulence and soft stools.

Q: How much glucomannan should I take?

A: The recommended dose is 2 – 4 grams per day.

Q: Does glucomannan contain gluten?

A: No, it is gluten free and it is a preferable substance due to its low calorie content. Also, Glucomannan is sugar free, starch free and fat free.

Q: Any good products containing glucomannan?

A: I am familiar particularly with one supplement called Nuratrim. It is not just glucomannan pill, but it is more complex and advanced due to the fact that contains more than Konjac extract.

Q: How is Nuratrim different from other glucomannan supplements?

A: Nuratrim combines powerful ingredients such as Capsicum, green Coffee extract and Liquorice extract. Those ingredients along with glucomannan provide more efficient weight loss and wider range of health benefits. (To find out more read Nuratrim review.)

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