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Proactol Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: Does Proactol really work?prickly-pear

A: Proactol works perfectly as an instant fat binder. There is enormous amount of real testimonials given by happy customers. It’s 100% natural based weight loss supplement with clinically tested and proven to work ingredients such as patented fiber complex of Opuntia Ficus Indica plant.

The only way to know for sure if Proactol works is to place your order and start taking it. Manufacturers give an amazing 180 day money back guarantee!

Q: What is Proactol and will it help me lose weight?


A: Proactol is a fat binder created to help you lose weight by blocking the absorption of 27.4% of dietary fat, decreasing the amount of calorie intake and reducing food craving - three essential actions that make Proactol one of the most effective diet pills for men and women.

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Q: If Proactol work for me if I am insulin resistant?

A: Yes, Proactol will definitely work for you. Studies show that Proactol helps you reduce the risk of developing obesity related health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. Even more, Proactol enhances those concerns by inhibiting the absorption of glucose and dietary cholesterol. Proactol doesn’t interfere with your hormones but if you have any doubts consult with physician.

Q: Can I take Proactol and consume alcohol?

A: Yes, you may take it. Proactol is a formulation of organic dietary fibers therefore you are can consume alcohol while taking it. Note that alcohol could be the main reason of weight gain due to its high calorie content.

Q: Does Proactol make you have the urgency to go to the bathroom after it is taken?

A: Not really. It’s designed to provide comfortable fat loss and it’s been very tolerable by those women who’ve been participated in all trials.

Q: What are the side effects of Proactol?

A: There are not significant side effects from taking Proactol. It’s natural source of soluble and non soluble fibers. You might experience minor discomfort such as loose stool which could happen from any food rich in fibers.  At the other hand if you don’t drink enough water Proactol might make the stool dry and tough to excrete.

Q: Can Proactol make you constipated?

A: Proactol is made from dietary fibers. They absorb fluids like any other natural fiber.  To avoid constipation you need to drink more water. It is not Proactol that causes constipation; it is the lack of water you may have within your system or some problems of your digestive tract.

Generally said, it depends on the gastrointestinal health condition of the customer, water consumption and dosage. Clinical trials show that there are no evidences for side effects.

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Q: Does Proactol affect birth control pills?

A: No. It doesn’t wash them up. As I’ve said above Proactol doesn’t mess up with your hormones. It's a natural supplement with soluble and non soluble fibers from cactus plant.

Q: Is Proactol safe to use after hysterectomy?

A: Yes, Proactol is safe diet pill to take after hysterectomy. Just to let you know, you should make sure that you are drinking around 2lbs of water while on Proactol. Somehow, intenstines are getting a bit lazy after hysterectomy, that’s why you may need to pay more attention on regular bowel movements.

Q: How many lbs can I lose with Proactol in a week?

A: You may lose between 2 and 5 pounds by utilizing Proactol.

Q: Where to get discount codes for Proactol?

A: There are provided massive discounts by the manufacturers which are available at their order page.

Q: Has anybody tried Proactol?

A: Hundreds of thousands men and women from all over the world have been taking Proactol. Check some of their testimonials.

Q: Ali or Proactol?

A: Proactol. Ali is chemically based product with plenty side effects and embarrassing urgency to make you wonder when exactly you might lose control…

Q: Is Proactol a safe effective diet pill?

A: Yes. Proactol has passed successfully 6 clinical studies. I don’t know any other fat binding supplement with so many certificates and proves. Proactol is endorsed by the medical community and it’s been recommended by many doctors as a great weight management solution.

Q: When I will start seeing results from taking Proactol?

A: After 3 – 4 days you should start seeing results.

Q: Where can I get Proactol for cheap?

A: You can order it cheaper only from the official website. They have valuable free bonuses, too. You can save up to 62% and get $100 cash back voucher depending on your choice.

Q: How to take Proactol?

A: Take 1 - 3 tablets of Proactol after each main meal with liquid. In order to make it work for you more efficiently you should drink 8 -12 glasses of water daily. Later on you may reduce the pills to 1 – 2 per day to maintain the results.

Q: How fast do you lose weight with Proactol?

A: Three to four days. It depends on your dietary habits and physical activity. As soon as you commit yourself you will start feeling the difference.

Q: What happens when you stop Proactol?

A: By changing your nutritional habits you can control your body weight and health overall. By taking Proactol you’ve learned how to take care of yourself. I doubt that you will want to spoil the results by repeating the same mistakes which had led you to overweight condition.

Q: What do you eat with Proactol?

A: Eat healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits. Avoid fried and heavy food and have 4 – 6 small meals per day.

Q: Where can I buy Proactol diet pills?

A: You can buy Proactol from the official website. They offer excellent customer support and worldwide shipping.




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