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Raspberry Ketone Frequently Questions and Answers

Q: Does Raspberry Ketone really work for weight loss?raspberries-fox-news

A: Raspberry Ketone PLUS is amongst the best selling weight loss supplements for 2011 and its consumption is continuously rising up due to the astonishing health enhancing and fat burning properties of polyphenols in it;

Fat oxidation, fat blocking, anti-cancer activity and skin improvements are a tiny part of all benefits provided by Raspberry. Visit Does Raspberry Ketone Really Work article for details.

Q: Can I take Raspberry Ketone while breastfeeding?

A: There are not known any side effects…but for your safety and for the safety of your baby consult with your physician. Get the label with the ingredients of Raspberry Ketone Plus and show it to your doctor. However, some doctors are not supporting food supplements. They only believe in pharmacutical products.

Q: Is Raspberry Ketone good for men?

A: Yes, it is good and safe for men. Male's body needs to increase adiponectin levels too. Men do have the same issues with weight loss as women. People have doubts if raspberry pills are for men because most of the consumers are women. Remember, Dr Oz's audience is mainly a female audience.

Q: Can I take Raspberry Ketone while noursing?

A: Talk to your GP and e-mail the label of the supplement to your doctor. He knows best. Get the label of Raspberry Ketone Plus capsules here.

Q: Can I take Raspberry Ketone with alcohol?

A: Raspberry Ketone (read review) is 100% natural weight loss product. It’s food in a pill form.  Food supplements don’t interfere with alcohol. In fact, Resveratrol in raspberries decreases alcoholic fatty liver. My answer is Yes but what’s the point of taking health enhancing supplements and drink alcohol?!

Q: Can you take colon cleanse product with Raspberry Ketone?

A: Raspberry Ketone is food supplement and doesn’t interfere with detoxification. My question to you is which colon cleanse product you are using. If you take something like DetoxPlus you are on the safe side.

Q: Is Raspberry Ketones safe for breast cancer?

A: The good news is that this unique phenolic compound and its derivatives own anti-cancer activity over breast cancer cells.

Q: Does Raspberry Ketone helps to get rid of cellulite?

A: Cellulite is toxic waste accumulated around and within the fat cells. It's very strong elastic protein made fibers. Shortly, cellulite requires away more efforts to be removed. Rasberries could have some positive effect for treating cellulite but it’s not enough. For serious cellulite removal you should combine Raspberry Ketone with the newly patented UK anti-cellulite triple action mousse Slendex (read Slendex review). It delivers exceptional and long lasting cellulite reduction. 

Q: How long does it take to see results from Raspberry Ketones?

A: If you have descent nutritional habits and you are exercising while taking Raspberry Ketone you will start seeing fat loss results soon after your first 3 – 4 days.

Q: Can a 16 year old or younger child take Raspberry Ketone?

A: My son was 9 years old when I started giving him supplements. Now he is a big 28 years old karate kid trainer. At the back of the bottle of Raspberry Ketone PLUS is written that it's suitable for 18 years old children and above. If you really want to give your child redberries based product I would advice you to brake the capsules and let your child take 1/2 of the tablet. The other option is to show to your GP the label of the bottle and ask for opinion .

Q: How do I know that this brand offers the highest quality?

A: Raspberry Ketone Plus covers the highest standards for quality ((GMP and ISO 2000:9001 quality assurance certification).

Q: Does Raspberry Ketone Plus have any guarantee?

A: Yes, Evolution Slimming provides 30 day money back guarantee along with excellent support and customer service.

Q: How to use Raspberry Ketone?

A: Take 1 capsule of Raspberry Ketone twice a day. Use the first capsule in the morning with your breakfast and 1 capsule at lunch time. Drink 2lbs of water to utilize the whole power of Raspberry Ketone.  Two capsules a day will deliver 200g of Raspberry Ketone daily.

Q: Can I open up Raspberry Ketone capsules and eat the powder?

A: Yes, you may open the capsule shell without any problem. Just do it over some dry piece of paper or a small plate to avoid losing the powder.

Q: How long can I take Raspberry Ketone for?

A: The recommended timeframe is at least 3 months supply. It takes time for your body to adjust itself to the new calorie intake, physical activity and supplementation. You can take Raspberry Ketone for more than 3 months if you have more pounds to lose.

Q: Is there any cheap Raspberry Ketone?

A: Raspberry aroma is a volatile substance which means that natural presence of this compound in plants is quite small. To produce effectively working supplement is needed big amount of raspberries. Therefore the price of the product can’t be low. Cheap products are equivalent to low results. Raspberry Ketone Plus uses organic ingredients and keeps the quality at its highest possible level. This fact makes the costumers happy without harming their health.

Q: Where can I buy Raspberry Ketone from?

A: You can order your ketones directly from the official website of Evolution Slimming.

Order Your Raspberry Ketone Plus Supplement Today and Enjoy The Results!

Shortly, cellulite requires away more efforts to be removed.

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